This is what my girl does :)

This is a video from Juju’s latest show!!! 

It’s her cheerleading routine that she and the rest of her special needs team perform.

Here they were performing in a fundraiser show that helps Wiaih. An amazing organization that does so much for special needs families…..

They are an amazing group and they are amazing in what they do ☺️☺️!!!


Snuggle time ☺️

Hubby is out tonight with work, so I get to relax with Juju to help her fall asleep :).

We are making a bit of progress with working on getting her to sleep in her bed :).

One of us still has to stay with her until she falls asleep, but at least we are getting her to fall asleep in her bed / so that is a huge step!!!

It’s going to take many steps to get her to sleep in her room in her bed on her own, but that is ok. One step at a time, even if they are baby steps 🙂

Good night my sweet Juju 😘😴

My little Elsa ❄️

This girl of mine is totally Frozen bonkers lol.

She has the whole wardrobe right down to the underwear and the hair clips. She even has a long Elsa braid that she can put in her hair with a clip 🙂

She also has a cap with an Anna braid coming out the hole in the back lol.

Yep, she is completely and totally into Frozen.

She has the dvd, which she is watching, using her Frozen headphones while sitting in her Frozen chair 😋….

At least she is crazy for a movie that I don’t mind ☺️…..

She’s definitely a girly girl :)

I haven’t been feeling my usual self the last few days, but at least Juju has been in school so I didnt have to worry about her.

Now the weekend is here and my hubby is in TO for work and Juju is here with me.

I spent most of the morning resting in bed. Juju relaxed with me and was being the sweetheart she is trying to help me feel better ❤️

She decided to do her nails with new nail polish I just got yesterday :). It’s a neat polish that super hardens so that it stays on your nails for about 7 days. I love it!!!

She kept me company while she perfected her nails ☺️, and then she asked me if I had any eyeshadow lol. She hasn’t ventured into any make-up except for lip gloss and lip balm, so she surprised me with this!

They grow up so fast!!!!!

She is already going to be 7 in a couple months, and I’m sure she is going to be very big into make – up as the years go by….

I told her, and showed her how to put different things on and she’s really good at it!!

I’m so proud of you my beautiful girly girl ❤️😘💞

Girls time :)!

I’ve been feeling a bit crappy for the past couple days :(.

I really hope that it goes away fast because I want to be in tip top shape for Juju while her dad is working in TO…

It’s just Juju and I for the next few days and I want to make the easiest for her that I can 🙂

This is great for sick kids – especially autistic ones….

I love! I can always find just what I need there whenever I need it :).

I always have a really hard time taking Juju’s temperature, and the only way she’ll let us test it is on her forehead.

I was looking on Amazon for a new ear thermometer and found one even better ☺️☺️☺️

I’m so excited as now taking her temp when I need to will be so easy and comfortable for her 🙂 :)!!!!

The screen even lights up green for a normal temp reading, yellow for a low fever and red for a high fever.

And everyone in the family can use it and since it’s no contact, there is no worry about passing along germs and having to thoroughly wash it in between uses!!!!!

Brilliant ☺️🌟👍🏼!!!

Going to have a tired one tomorrow….

I’m going to have a very tired little one tomorrow :(.

Her dad is away in TO for work and she misses him, so of course, she can’t fall asleep.

We’ve been trying to get her to fall asleep since 7:45pm and only about 10:13pm did she finally fall asleep.

She is going to be one tired sweetheart tomorrow, and that is going to make for a very long day….

I really hope she will be ok in the morning…..

Going to be a day and a half…..

Usually right now I’m preparing myself my first cup of coffee.

I’ve brought Juju to school, come home and cleaned up a bit and now getting ready to get some steps in while I enjoy my coffee….

This morning however, I am now actually starting my second cup of coffee… I think it’s going to be one of those days….. Oh boy……

Tutti Fruity!!

I feel like I’m one lucky parent :). I listen to a lot of moms around talk about things that they have a really hard time getting their kids to eat. Most of what I hear is fruits and vegetables.

When I tell them that Juju adores her fruits and veggies and that she will usually prefer them over many other things, people usual look stunned lol…

But yep, my girl asks for apples and oranges everyday. Grapes too, and celery. There aren’t many fruits she doesn’t like, and she always tries to steal the veggies off my plate lol!!!

I feel pretty lucky ☺️!

PedDays really don’t help:(

Getting Juju off to school this morning was really, really hard :(. 

The day off on Friday put her in even more of a “I’m afraid to go” mode this morning…

I woke up with a migraine and that really didn’t help either. I rested a bit to get my migraine somewhat under control and then I worked on prying her out the door.

When I got back from driving her though, my migraine was worse than it was when I woke up :(.

We had our second therapy session tonight and it is a relief to know that we are getting help with this and we are working hard to make the situation better.

It’s going to take time and a lot of emotions, but we’ll get there…..

Let’s see what tomorrow morning brings….

It’s Monday morning tomorrow and that means back to school for Juju. And going to school on a normal morning is already hard enough…. Now I’ll be trying to get her in after this being a 3 day weekend…..

She told me earlier that she wanted to try and see if she can take the bus in the morning to school. I told her it’s always good to try, and if she can’t tomorrow then we try again the next day.

She seemed pretty confident up until a few minutes ago, and then it started to unravel. I had a feeling it would. It’s ok though, we’ll keep working towards it 🙂

For now we work on one thing at a time and right now that is getting her to be less afraid of going into school.

The more self aware she becomes, the more fears she gains.

It’s really hard to help her with this as I also have the same feelings and it’s really hard to push past mine in order to guide her…

We have engaged a therapist now, so we are going to get help with this 🙂

Taking a cat nap :)…

She had a pretty good day today ☺️!!

Seldom does she do so much in the day that she passes out on the couch 😴😴😴

She had a great day with her dad today! It was a father&daughter day. Spent the morning together and he made her breakfast I bed.

After wards it was a trip to Funtropolous! She loves it there. It’s like a McDonalds play place only about 20+ times the size lol 😋

And if that wasn’t enough, she came home and her friend from downstairs asked her to play.

So out they went into the back yard and again her dad joined in :). They all played games and ran around outside in the backyard for a good 1.5 hours 🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽.

Then to complete the recipe for sleep – a nice warm, long bath 🛀🏼.

She came out of that and I don’t think 3 minutes went by before I heard her snoring on the couch lol.

She might even sleep most of the night now. I’m not sure on that though. I really hope she does and that she doesn’t wake up at 10pm and not be able to go back to sleep……

I’m just super happy that she had such a great day with her dad ☺️❤️🏃🏽!!!

Two opposites in one day…

Juju has a lot if sensory issues and they are strong higher up in her body, especially her head.

She is very particular in what hairstyle I can do for her. I can make tight ponytails, but they have to be almost at her neck. I have to make it as “down” as I can. She can’t handle it if there are even two finger spaces under it.

And trust me I have learned how to do the perfect one through many tries and remove and try again….

This afternoon she came to me and surprised me by asking me to put a whole bunch of tight braids in all over her hair. I was shocked and made sure she really wanted me to do this…

I have attempted this before and gotten as far as the first braid at her temple and she couldn’t handle it. It has been a while since she has asked though.

So I had her choose her holders and I proceeded to make as many braids as I could get in…. And she actually let me do it!

I was blown away!

I am so proud of her! This is a wonderful accomplishment!

And she actually kept them in for a couple hours 😊

She wore them outside to play and when her friend joined her she was showing off her braids to her friend :). She was so proud of them :)!

After a little while of playing her friend had to go inside for supper. Juju was invited to go downstairs and join them…

Juju has had a very hard time going different places lately, even familiar ones like school. This friend of hers lives one floor down from us in the basement. But Juju is terrified to go down there if I don’t come with her 😦

So I had to stop the chores that I was doing and take her downstairs. She wanted to go, but she was so afraid she was shaking and I practically had to drag her down the stairs :(. Even though she has gone down there to play with this friend quite a few times, she is always scared to do it without me or her dad….

She stayed right next to me for the first 20-30 minutes that we were there before she even willing to think about freely moving around.

She has gotten much worse in this way. At least before as long as we came with her she was ok to do things as long as she could see me or her dad. This time she had to stay close enough to me that she could touch me :(.

After a while she left my side, but asked me where I was going anytime that I walked around. She was so afraid I was going to go back upstairs and leave her there :(….


Sleeping Beauty….

She’s beautiful and she’s sleeping :).

This is when I can forget about all of the struggles, challenges & anxieties, and just watch her sleeping so peacefully ☺️

The sound of her gentle snoring is very soothing 💞😴

Tomorrow is another day.

For now I enjoy tonight ☺️