What a Long Day ….


The day started off with plans for our usual Monday. Therapy session with Jen in the late morning for her speech, then off to her next therapy session with Stephanie for her OT.  At this point we head out of the WI and back home as fast as we can before we have to end up sitting in over an hour of traffic.  Then, when we get home, we would do a bit of relaxing and then finish off the day with a few “start of the week” chores. All of that would take us to her dad getting home and supper time.

That is how our Mondays are supposed to be….. But not this morning. This morning started with her telling me has a “Bobo”.  I think to myself “Ok, another bobo”. She is always claiming she has one. She watches all of her different shows and everything she sees on them she copies. If Caillou has a stomach ache then she also ends up having a stomach ache, and so on. The reason for her doing this is surrounding her developmental delays and the autism.

So this morning was another bobo. I tried to be sympathetic but not to encouraging until I find out if this was a genuine one or not.  Unfortunately I found out, much to my dismay, that it was real. She showed me the bottom of her foot and sure enough I saw a little dark line.  I was getting very nervous as she was really upset and that also told me that this time it was real. I was hoping that this was just a pen mark as I know she put one on her leg just the day before.

I’m trying to check it out and the more I was trying to look at it the more upset she was getting. I needed to see if it was a splinter or a pen mark. I pulled her into my arms and managed to calm her down just for a few seconds, long enough that I managed to run my finger quickly across the bottom of her foot and I felt the splinter :(. Which also sent her into complete hysterics again :(….

This changed the plans for the whole day. I knew there was no way I would be able to get this out on my own. Not with how upset she gets. She would kick and thrash around way to much for me to be able to get it out.  This meant a trip to the doctor.  Her pediatrician is still in the West Island so I guess it was a coincidence that this happened on the one day that I was already going to be in the West Island.  The only thing I was trying to figure out is where I was going to fit this appointment in. Her pediatrician finishes at noon and we have two therapies back to back from the moment we arrive in the West Island at 10:45am all the way through till 1:30pm.  And they both require 24 hours notice or you have to pay for the time.

I finally got a through to her pediatrician’s office and got a same day appointment – for 3pm. So much for getting out of the West Island and home before the traffic started. On the bright side though I didn’t have to worry about her appointments.

We got ready and headed out of the house as by now, after all of this, we were almost late for her first therapy appointment.

Therapies went fairly well except that her foot seemed to be bothering her. She was limping sometimes.  We hung around the mall for a little bit after her OT and let her burn off some energy. Then we headed to the doctor.

That was not fun. No not at all. She started getting agitated from the moment we arrived and by the time the doctor walked into the room I could barely hear what he was saying and visa versa. She was in hysterics. She was practically clawing at me to get out of my arms and away from him. He examined her foot as best as he could as fast as he could and then let me calm her down so he could talk to me.

Diagnosis: splinter is under the skin and has to be cut out. He doesn’t have the equipment at the clinic and he wouldn’t attempt if he did as it is way too risky with her that agitated. There is a chance that her own body could realize it is a foreign object, attack it and destroy it, but he can’t guarantee that. If that doesn’t happen then I have to take her to the hospital emergency and spend who knows how long there. That means I pretty much have to plan that this Friday or next Monday I am spending my day at the hospital and I am going to have a very anxious and extremely stressed out girl on my hands and then I am going to have a very drugged one after that as he said she will need to be tranquilized :(….

My poor sweetie. All of this for a splinter.

A friend suggested I soak her foot in tea tree oil to help draw out the splinter. If her skin is really weak from the soaking then maybe we can get the splinter out that way. Going to try anything.  There was no way she was willing to put her feet in the water today though. I think she just had way too much attention to her foot yesterday so we need to leave it alone for a day and let her calm down emotionally.

The rest of her day involved more stimuli yesterday. She was totally fried by the time she finished supper. Which means I was totally fried…. We stayed in the West Island till after dinner as I was hoping that she would fall asleep on the way home and I wanted that to be in time for bed. We headed out around 8pm.  She fell asleep in the last five minutes of the ride (I guess that is how over stimulated she was) and she woke up while I was carrying her inside.

We got home 11 hours after we left the house in the morning. That was a crazy long day! I was so burnt and so was she. Her foot was still hurting her and she was in one of her repetitive loops about needing to go to the other doctor to fix her foot. There was no way I was going to start going to the hospital then unless it was an emergency. Doctor said it could wait up to a week unless the area changed.

Took me over an hour more to calm her down enough that she fell asleep and then I passed out – for two hours.

What a long rough day that was. I hope I don’t have to have a day like that again for a while. Not sure about that though if a hospital day is my near future…..


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