Was an all wrong kind of day :(…

Poor Juli, seemed like nothing was right for her today.  I think her sensory issues were in over drive. She hasn’t been able to get comfortable in her own skin today. She banged her leg climbing out of bed and from there her day went downwards.

She was having trouble getting her clothes on and usually she can do her pants by herself. The top she needs me to help, but pants she is Miss Independent :). She tried so hard that she scratched herself in the process. Poor sweetie. She couldn’t decide which pants she wanted to wear so I suggested one of her favorites – her red leggings. She readily agreed and look relieved that we had made a decision.

Then comes preparing her snack for the car. She likes to nibble on snacks in the car on the way to school. Usually fruit snacks or cheese sticks. She chooses what she’d like and then puts it into a zip-lock bag. For some reason this morning her hands wouldn’t cooperate and she just couldn’t get them into the small zip-lock. The bag kept folding inside and wouldn’t let the cheese stick inside. I asked if I could help her. Nope. She’s Miss Independent lol. She really is. Must do everything herself! I suggested to her that she take fruit snacks instead but that almost resulted in a meltdown. This morning it HAD to be cheese sticks.

She got really frustrated and ended up ripping the bag. Then came the meltdown – just a couple minutes before we had to leave the house too. I resigned myself to the fact that we were going to be late this morning…

I sat down on the floor next to her and took her in my arms. I started to sing Daniel Tiger’s “When you feel so mad” to her. It is the only thing that seems to calm her down these days. Ever since she got hooked on that little tiger she has learned a few coping methods from him. He really is cute and he helps her :).

After a few deeps breaths and a few times counting to 4, she was much better and she was finally willing to let me help her too :). But she definitely wanted cheese sticks today and not fruit snacks lol. So I helped her pack them and then we proceeded to get our outdoor clothes on.

That went ok until she couldn’t get her boots on. She kept saying that there was something stuck in her boot. I checked and there was nothing. She just didn’t seem to be able to turn her foot in the right direction to have her boot slip on with ease. Again frustration levels peaked and I barely averted a melt down. Just barely.

Finally she was all ready to go. Then of course it had to change. She remembered that she had told me last night that she wanted to wear her jeans. I told her last night that of course she could wear them today. She was so upset that she had forgotten. She wanted to change into them. She “needed” to wear them. Here we go again……

I told her that she was all dressed and she couldn’t change now. That was it. She was done. She broke down. Last straw. As far as her brain was concerned I had told her that she could wear them today and now I am going back on my word. Being late doesn’t mean anything to her. She was in a complete meltdown. Sensory issues taking over. She had to wear those pants. I was not about to start undressing her and changing her pants now when she was literally fully dressed and ready to walk out.

Instead I spent 5 minutes trying to calm her down and explain that she could change into them as soon as she gets home. Probably would have taken less time to just change her when I think about it now….

We barely made it into the van when she couldn’t seem to manage to get her arms to to easily through her straps. This just wasn’t turning out to be her day. We got to school with out a meltdown after all of that so that at least was good.

Her afternoon was a bit better. She did a few spills which is completely normal for her. One of the reasons I love having wood floors. But her balance was really off and while doing her exercises she kept on losing her balance. The poor sweetie just wasn’t having a good day. Everything with her was off, which was increasing her frustration levels big time and that was giving her the insane need to “crash”. This is proprioception exercises that her therapist recommends she do in order to help regulate her body and calm herself down.

She spent half of the afternoon doing those. That tells me how “messed up” she must have felt today. I think she got a better after doing all of her “crashes” as she seemed a bit calmer and so I put on her time timer and she watched until it was time to put on her music therapy. She listened to her headphones and then she seemed much better for the rest of the afternoon.

She only got a bit agitated at night before bedtime and I knew that she would be able to settle her body down for the night soon after that.

I hope she has a much better day tomorrow as this one was a particularly rough one for her.


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