And here I thought all the applications were finished…

We have been waiting to hear from the two governments (Quebec and Canada) as to whether Julianna is accepted for disability and handicapped assistance. I finally finished filling out all of the paperwork at the end of January and finally got it in the mail to both governments as well as Summit (specialized school).

I was extremely happy to have it all filled out and sent in. It was very overwhelming for me to do it all. There was a lot to fill out, and I was very grateful to have the help of Juli’s psychologist with organizing it all and helping me fill it in. I tend to get overwhelmed very easily.

Now, as far as I knew, it was time to wait. I was told it could take about 1-2 months to get an answer and other 1-2 to start receiving the financial assistance if you are accepted. I figured that wasn’t too bad. I even got the letters telling me that my file was received and being processed….. Now to just wait…..

Or so I thought.

Today I got an envelope from the Quebec government. I was nervous as it seemed a bit too soon for a response. But I had my hopes up….

And then they came down… down… down.

They don’t make it simple for you do they?

It turns out they are not satisfied with all of the paperwork I sent in, therapy evaluations and psychologist evaluations – everything they requested, and they want much more recent documents as well as stuff from her current school.

We haven’t done any more evaluations yet. I sent in everything I had. And with all of the private therapies we are doing I can’t afford right now to go and redo the evaluations right now.

And her school doesn’t have a particular plan special to her. They are not a special school. They are a normal preschool. A stepping stone to keep her involved in a school environment until I can get her into Summit. They are good with her and have experience with some autistic children, but they are just learning about her and trying to help with her delays in the best way they can.

I am going to have to go back and talk to the psychologist and see if she can help and give me some advice. As well I need to talk to her therapists about this and see if they can help. I’m also going to call the person who sent me this response. Speak with her directly and see if I can discuss this with her.

We really need to receive assistance for Juli’s therapies and we really don’t need this delay.

And I really didn’t need this stressful end to a really rough emotional week…..

Please say prayers that this can get resolved quickly and positively …. Thanks 🙂


3 thoughts on “And here I thought all the applications were finished…

  1. Hi Sam – it is normal to get the first refusal. They are looking for an IEP (integration education plan) from the daycare, and then elementary school and a letter from the daycare as to how she is from day to day. We had to fill these in for A., as well on the 2nd round. Our psych. did not re-charge us for this paperwork, perhaps yours wont either? We have to fill this in very 5 years to re-confirm he needs the extra (financial) help.


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