My Little Helper :)…

Juli is such a cutie. She is my little helper. She absolutely loves to help.

We had some friends over for supper tonight. One of my best friends, her husband and their two kids. One of whom happens to be Juli’s babysitter. Juli misses her very much.  Jean-Pierre and I haven’t been going out as much as before and Juli has been telling me she misses Tayler a lot.  That she can’t wait to play with her.

They have been trying to come over to see the new place for a while now, but it just never seemed to work out. Until tonight.

Juli was so super excited to find out that they were coming for dinner she could barely contain herself lol. The whole drive home from cheerleading she was literally talking non-stop about what she was going to do with them and all the things she was going to tell them.  It was so cute.

When we got home I started to clean up a bit and tidy up so that I could have the space to work on supper. Juli was watching me and came over to tell me that she wanted to help. Of course she did. She always does. It’s one of the many things I adore about her, that she always wants to help us with things.

I started to wipe up a few spots on the floor and she asked if she could help. I handed her the bottle and she proceeded to wipe up every spot there was and trust me she didn’t miss one. My floor could pass for a mirror by the time she was done.  I have a completely safe, chemical free home (for 14 years) so I am blessed to be able to let her clean till her hearts content :).

She helped me pick up things. She helped me carry dishes into the kitchen, rinse them and load them into the dishwasher. She loves to help me turn on the dishwasher and she has even learned exactly which buttons to press. I make sure to always do the same type of load when she is helping so that I don’t change what she knows and cause her to panic.

We proceeded to turn on the dishwasher, then she helped me sweep up a little and turn on all of my warmers so that as she calls it “the house will smell pretty” :). The whole time while she is doing everything she is declaring to me “I love to help you mommy” and “I’m very good at helping you mommy”. I told her “and I love when you help me” and “yes, you are very good at helping me, thank you so much”. And she responds “you’re welcome mommy, I love you!”…… She is so amazing.

We finished up doing everything and she wouldn’t leave my side until she was sure that everything she could help with was all done and that I wasn’t going to clean or tidy up with out her. Once she was sure then we set up her timer for her to listen to her headphones (music therapy) and I finished off preparing for our friends to arrive.

My sweet girl. These are just some of the many things I adore about her and some of the moments I treasure . These times make the hard times seem not so hard.


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