A great meal…

Usually getting Juli to eat is as much of a challenge as everything else. Sometimes, a lot of the time it is the biggest challenge of them all. I usually have to plan about 1.5 hours per meal to be able to guarantee that we have enough time to get her to eat enough protein.  She loves her vegetables, as well as pasta, rice and other items in those categories, but meats are not on her list of things that she is good at. I think it is a texture thing which is related to her SPD. It is being worked on by her therapist.

Tonight we went to my in laws for supper. One of our usually weekly Sunday afternoon/evening visits. She often has a pita bread sandwich called an “arousa” – a special one she seems to love that my mother-in-law makes for her.

Except this time when I decided to get my supper she said she was hungry too! I got excited and we served her some supper too.  Much to my surprise and joy she ate the full plate. We had given her some rice as well as veal with green beans in a tomato type sauce.  Usually the minute she sees the meat she says no. Tonight she seemed willing to try it and before I knew it she was showing me very proudly how well she was eating. I enthusiastically encouraged her. I was so proud of her!  It is such a relief when she eats well. One less stress to have to worry about at the moment.  She had soon finished off that small plate and asked for more. Her dad happily obliged and put another small serving on her plate which she also finished off.

We put small servings on her plate and a way of not overwhelming her so that she might see it as an easier take to eat a small amount of food. Sometimes this works and sometimes not. Tonight I was happy it did.  I was also very happy to reward her with fruits and her desert :).

Way to go Julianna, I’m so proud of you!




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