Successful music therapy…

I am so thankful for the time timer. It really is a godsend.

Thanks to that awesome little timer Juli has listened to her headphones each day for the last three weeks :). I used to have to prepare her for hours and she would still fight and not be able to handle wearing them at home. It was a battle that I didn’t have the energy to fight everyday.

Almost everything can be a battle with Juli and sometimes I just get a bit burned out and have to pick the things I want to attempt.  With everything else going on (I will get into more of that in a later post), her music therapy (headphones) just weren’t at the top of the list for a while.  Her therapist understood and was very happy to accommodate her therapy sessions according to this.

Now thanks to the awesome time timer her headphone sessions have been going really well. I tell her in the morning that she needs to listen to them after lunch and she says ok. After lunch I have been asking her when she would like to listen to them. She tells me to put her timer on for when it will be time to listen.

I look at my watch and pick a good time interval. For example, if it is 2:37pm, I will set the time for 8 minutes so that she would be putting them on at 2:45pm.  Then she would listen or 30 minutes.  So far each time the alarm goes off and the time is up she has come to me with her headphones and has been totally fine with me putting them on :).

JUli with her music headphones and her "sparkles" (headband) to hold them on.

Juli with her music headphones and her “sparkles” (headband) to hold them on.

What a difference!  What a blessing!!

This is awesome because now that we are reducing her therapy sessions a bit (more on that in another post) it is really beneficial for her to be doing music therapy at home.  It really helps to increase her ability to absorb and retain more of what she is doing in her therapy sessions with her therapist when she wears them each day at home.

The music that plays is very low.  It is different compositions that have been put together to enhance a particular part of the brain/mind. Certain compositions will help her in her spacial awareness, certain ones target the area for motor control, etc.

Her therapist really noticed a difference in this past Monday’s session with her spacial awareness and her ability to catch a ball which she was having a lot of trouble with last session.

So now we are on the right track and she is finally able to listen to her headphones each day thanks to the time timer :).

Next week we start doing the headphones twice a week.



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