Busy building noises scare her :(….

I feel so bad for Julianna. There are so many things that she is afraid of and new fears are still coming out.

At the old place where we used to live in Pierrefonds we were on the top floor of three floors, so there was nobody above us. And since we were on the top floor when people were coming and going we rarely heard them. In fact we never heard them. It was really quiet lol. We were so high up that the noise never reached us and since no one lived up there nobody ever came up and therefore no noise ever ventured up there.

Perfect for an autistic child. Maybe that is one of the reasons we didn’t notice things sooner. She didn’t display as many of her fears in that place as there weren’t any triggers.

Then we had to go and move and that’s when everything started presenting itself. At least a whole lot more. We now live in a busy building of eight apartments, two per floor and we are on the second of four floors. Which means two more floors above us. Where two or three (maybe more) apartments above us have kids living in them and they are constantly coming and going. I personally like the “life” that this building has, but Juli not so much :(….

Every time somebody passes by our apartment on their way in or out my poor sweetie freaks out :(. And I mean freaks out! She hears them and she comes running to me in a complete panic. And each time it takes me quite a while to calm her down. At first she didn’t know who they were and what was going on so I had to explain to her that it is just the neighbors, and she finally learned to understand what the noise was, but that doesn’t help the fear. Now she just comes running to me freaking out saying “ahhhh, the neighbors!!”

I have to keep on trying to explain to her each time that they are just coming or going.  She doesn’t have to worry, that they are not coming here and they’re not coming into our home. Every single time she hears them I have explain this to her. Every… single… time.  I am really glad that the kids go to school in the daytime :). That gives me a few hours of peace after I get home from picking her up at school before the kids start coming home and people start coming home from work.

I really wish there was something I could do to help calm this fear. I tried explaining to her that it is just people.  Hasn’t helped much yet.  I’m not sure if it is the noise that bothers her, that on her ears it is magnified and therefore much louder for her.  Or is it the fear of the people coming around her home….

Either way feel really bad that she has to experience this fear all of the time… Need to try and find a way to make it better for her.


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