School this week won’t be easy…

Juli doesn’t do well with change. All part of the autism as well as the sensory processing disorder.  She had a hard time adjusting to being off this past week. She kept asking if she was going to see her friends. She was happy not to be leaving me, but she was not happy not seeing her friends. This week coming is going to be harder though.  Going to be very hard to get her to go into school and leave me without separation difficulty especially since she has been with me all week.

It is already hard to get her to go into the classroom as it is. I always have to plan at least an hour and a half on school mornings to get her up and out the door.  I think I will have to plan closer to two hours for Tuesday and maybe Wednesday morning this week.  I know when she asks where we are going and I tell her “school”, I know she is going to freak out and cry insisting that she doesn’t want to leave me.

And I know it is because she honestly doesn’t. I am her comfort zone. I understand her. And it scares her deeply to think about being away from me. I’m understanding this and we are working on it.  I feel like I’m saying that a lot these days :(. I feel like we have so much to work on – everything….

But we do – and we are, and I am thankful for that. I am so thankful that I now understand what is going on and I have ways to help her.

Knowing what we were up against this week with a return to school after not going for a whole week. I purposely tried to have her go places and spend time with her dad without me. Try and get her used to being away from me for a little bit so that Tuesday doesn’t some as such a shock.

She has to be with me in the West Island all day tomorrow as it is therapy day again – every second Monday. We go visit her speech therapist and then we go to her occupational therapy. After this tomorrow we then have a small stop to make before we hit the traffic and head back home.  So it will be a long day.

I am going to start preparing her tomorrow for her school on Tuesday. It is probably going to make the day difficult tomorrow as she will be insisting from the moment that I tell her about school that she can’t go. And we will have to deal with that the whole day on top of a long day of therapies. But it is the only way to make Tuesday a bit easier preparing her in advance to go to school.

I know that getting her used to change is good and really necessary, but it really is exhausting lol and not easy….

I really hope that this week ends up going better than I’m anticipating.  Wish me luck please 🙂


3 thoughts on “School this week won’t be easy…

  1. Juli is so lucky that she has you helping her adjust to harsh schedules! Hopefully this will help her handle it on her own in the future. I still have trouble handling changes in my work schedule (recently my day off has been pushed to Friday, and I work Saturdays, so working Mon-Thurs and Saturday is confusing to my SPD brain lol) especially when they are last minute changes. Even in my workday, if I thought I was about to work in the kitchen for an hour and instead I’m told I’m needed at the registers, I get so irritable and difficult and I can’t function socially (as in, I’ll be very “shut down” for that hour, my customer service is at a bare minimum, and I appear angry or sad even though I’m just “frazzled”). I didn’t get OT as a child, most doctors didn’t know about SPD in the 90s and they said I wasn’t “autistic enough” to be on the spectrum. I’m just glad that kids are getting this needed help now, thank you for this blog that helps to spread SPD and autism awareness!


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