No hospital needed…this time :)….

I am so relieved!!!!

About 2 weeks ago I wrote about a really rough day that Juli had mainly because she woke up that morning and we found out that she has a small splinter in the bottom of her foot.  I had taken her to the pediatrician after we finished with her therapies and that didn’t go very well.  She went into complete hysterics to be more exact.  The doctor could barely examine her and he certainly couldn’t get near her with any instrument that could have assisted him in getting out the splinter.

So he told me to go home and observed the splinter. If I noticed any change in the splinter, like swelling, redness or irritation of any sort I was going to have to take her to the children’s hospital.  He said this could take a week or more. He also told me that there was going to be no way, without her being sedated, that they could cut a slit in her foot so the splinter could come out. That was going to mean that knowing I would have a decent wait in the waiting room I would need to plan a whole day at the hospital…. I was not looking forward to that. Not for little splinter.

The doctor did say that there was a chance that her body would take care of it on it’s own and destroy the foreign object. That is the option I was praying for.

I have been keeping an eye on the bottom of her foot each day and trust me that is not easy. Each time I went to look at it she would go into complete panic mode and be about to go into total hysterics. I would catch her just in time by telling her that I wasn’t going to touch her foot. Just look. She wouldn’t believe me and she would make sure by asking me in three different ways that I wasn’t going to touch her foot.  I reassured her NO.  Then she would barely let me look and each time I saw the splinter there. No change, but still there.

Then Saturday she comes running at me and shouting at me “my bobo’s gone! My bobo’s gone Mommy!!!” It took me a minute to remember which bobo’s she had now (something is always hurting and usually it’s because she is copying a favorite character) and therefore which one she could be talking about.

Well, she reached down and grabbed her foot and yanked it up. Doing this so fast that she fell down in the process but she was so excited to show me the bottom of her foot. I obviously couldn’t get a good view lol, so I asked her to go and sit down on the couch so we could get a better look. I tried to look at the bottom, but she still didn’t want to me touch it. I promised her I wouldn’t and took at look at the sole of her foot.

I couldn’t believe it!  The splinter was gone!!  I actually looked at both feet as I wanted to make sure. I knew it was on her right foot, but when I didn’t see it I checked her left foot just to make sure.  I have no idea how it happened but I was thrilled not to see that splinter.

This was the best news I had gotten in a long time. It took a huge weight off my shoulders. All I had on my mind since we went to see the pediatrician two weeks ago was that pending hospital visit and I could barely think of anything else.  It’s crazy that so much stress can come from one little splinter, but that is what life is like when you have an autistic child :(.

All I can say now is thank you to anyone and everyone who has be thinking about this and praying about this since my last blog post a couple weeks ago. Your thoughts, prayers, and concerns must have worked as Juli somehow ended up splinter free without the dreaded hospital visit :).


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