Today wasn’t so bad

Today wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but not a good as I was hoping for.

I was hoping that it would be as if she hadn’t missed any school and she would get up as normal and there would be no difference than any other school day.  Well, I think that would have been too much to ask for after a week off lol.

I did try to get her up about 45 minutes earlier than usual and that didn’t go very well due to the time change. I tried to wake her up early and ended up having to drag her out of bed in just enough time to give her a bit to eat and rush out the door.  Not the best thing to do with my child that has trouble transitioning.

While getting her dressed and ready she did start telling me that she didn’t want to go to school which I was expecting and I was ready for it lol. I had all my reasons why she should go to school and that I couldn’t wait to hear all about what her teachers had planned for her first day back.

After a couple of small and medium meltdowns she started using what she had learned from one of her favorite shows “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” to calm herself down.  We sang the calm down song a few times together and that helped her to feel better.  After that she was a bit more willing to get ready to go – thankfully.

The rest of the time getting ready seemed to go better. Thank goodness too as we were on the verge of being late from having to stop and deal with those meltdowns.

We managed to get out the door in the nick of time :).

Other than her stimm of constant talking on the way to school the ride went not too bad.

We got to school and she kept on referencing things and comparing them to things in Daniel Tiger. I take this as a good thing. She was trying to find a way of being ok with going to school.  We got her out of her out door clothes and that’s when she started getting upset and scared as she realized her classroom (and my leaving) was just on the other side of those doors…..

We had to sing another calm down song and remind her that Daniel Tiger and Caillou both go to school just like she does.  Her teacher came out to get her and had to practically drag her into the class, but at least it wasn’t kicking and screaming….

So all in all it wasn’t as good as a normal school day but it also wasn’t as big a fight or battle as I thought it would be :).

I am very grateful for that :).


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