Based on last time… I was worried about today

2014-03-13 13.30.20

After her last haircut I honestly thought that my hairdresser was going to tell me that she couldn’t cut Juli’s hair anymore.

I must have a patient hairdresser because when I called to book the appointment for today, she gave me the appointment without a mention of last time.

Last session was a disaster.  More like the disaster of the century.  Juli had her worst meltdown of all time.  I could barely handle her during this one and that scared me. She was freaking out. Kicking and screaming that she didn’t want a haircut, and that she was scared. Nothing was working to calm her down.  Not my tablet with her favorite show, not her favorite treat, nothing…

I had picked her up a few times to try to sit her in my lap and each time she kicked so hard that she almost fell out of my arms.  Jocelyn, the hairdresser, had to help me catch her.  She was trying to calm Juli down too and it just wasn’t working.  We were almost at the point that I thought we’d have to leave with out cutting Juli’s hair. I was sure Jocelyn was going to tell me that she couldn’t cut Juli’s hair anymore.

Juli had even thrashed her head backwards so fast and hard that it caught me off guard and she ended up slamming the back of her head into my mouth. She ended up with a bump and I ended up with a heck of a migraine. Thankfully I didn’t break my tooth as I have discovered quite a number of times that Juli has a very HARD head lol.

I have been going to see Jocelyn for my hair since I was a little girl. She is an amazing hairdresser and I truly don’t want to have to stop taking Juli to see her, but I can only ask Jocelyn to deal with so much. If we have another session like last one that will probably be it.

Today was a blessing. The picture at the top is from today. It was the first time Juli sat on the chair by herself and not on my lap. I was IMPRESSED, let me tell you. And I was so proud of her. I think I told her that about 50 times during the course of this haircut lol.  And it was the first time she let Jocelyn put the cover over her. In the past that has scared her and caused a meltdown.

Today I was breathing a sigh of relief.  After a few rough cuts in a row we finally got a break.

Maybe it was because of how much I prepared her. I started preparing her at 8am for a 1:30 appointment. But even with that, during the whole morning and right up until the cut, she was telling me that she didn’t want to have her hair cut and that she was scared.  I still have no idea why she doesn’t want to have her hair cut.

I think a big part of the successful one today was because of something small that she told me a few minutes before her cut and it got her just a little bit excited. Just enough for her to consider that a haircut might be a good thing.  She told me that she wants to have long hair like me. And in response to that I told her that of course she can have long hair like me but she needs to have a trim because she wants to have long, pretty hair, not long yucky hair. And if she doesn’t have a trim she will have long yucky hair and not long pretty hair.

She thought about this for a few minutes and was really pondering this till it was time to go in. She kept saying to herself “you have to get a hair cut. You want long pretty hair like mommy, not long yucky hair. That’s yucky!”

I think this was her turning point for today. She was really taking what I told her to heart and it was the first thing she told Jocelyn when it was her turn to go in the chair. Jocelyn really didn’t know what Juli said or meant lol, so I just gave Jocelyn a look that said nod and agree :).

And then started a really good haircut, that hopefully will be the first of many more to come.  Only time will tell for that though. And possibly as long as my brain can come up with some really ingenious things to tell her before each cut lol.

For this time though, you can be really proud of Juli for having a really awesome haircut… I am 🙂



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