Microwave Monitor :) ….

They say to use what ever works.

Well I had been trying to teach Juli her numbers for the longest time and she just couldn’t seem to grasp them. I was trying every method I could think of and nothing seemed to be working. As soon as she would see the number she didn’t know, she would shut down and if I tried to push, even just a little, it would turn into complete meltdown.

I was starting to get worried as I couldn’t seem to figure out how she learned best. Every child has a way that works best for them, but I couldn’t get Juli to sit and focus long enough to figure out what worked with her. She couldn’t even focus for 5 minutes.

Then something happened, and a light bulb went off in my head. And I said to myself “hey, what ever works, use it!”

She is very much mommy’s helper, and one day she wanted to help me heat up my food in the microwave. So I let her put the bowl in, put the cover on and close the door then next came, the time. I told her to press five, zero, start. She looked at me with those eyes that said she had no clue what to press. So I proceeded to ask her what number she thought it was and I was prepared for her to completely shut down as usual and not want to do it.

She didn’t! She actually took a look at the pad of numbers, started with the one and started pointing to each one till she reached five. This was the first time she didn’t shut down and I was going to take this and run with it.

I was going to encourage her like there was no tomorrow. I was determined to help her learn her numbers and I think I had finally found a way that worked for her. She reached the five, pressed it and started again. Reached the zero, pressed it and then I showed her where the “start” button was. She remembered that one easily as it stood alone from the others.

She was so proud of herself turning my food on. And I was proud in return.

From then on, she wanted to do the microwave each time I put something in it, no matter what it was lol :-).

As we continued heating things up and she started pressing the same buttons to heat the same things up she started remembering what they looked like and she started being able to push them without having to start at the beginning and count.

I was so impressed!!! I was so proud!

It has been a couple months now and she always does the microwave when she is home and awake. I can say now that she has learned most of her numbers and she recognizes them in other situations too, and not just on the microwave pad.

Juli is our microwave monitor and that’s how my darling daughter learned her numbers :-).


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