And I thought I had some weird food combos….

I thought I had some really weird food combos that I can enjoy, like sour and sweet together or tea with ice cream, but I think Julianna tops the cake lol.

She was eating quite a few things at once for lunch today that I had to stare at it all for a few minutes.  She wanted olives, grapes, nutella on bread and spaghetti all at once. And non-caffeinated Roibos tea to wash it all down. WOW.

I know this is common for autistic and SPD kids, but this is the most diverse she has been for one meal in quite a long time.

I have quite an amazing daughter who continues to surprise me each and everyday. Boy do I love her!


2 thoughts on “And I thought I had some weird food combos….

  1. I’m 24 (SPD, lots of dietary issues) and I still eat like that! I can only eat one taste of something for a couple bites, and then I must take a bite of something flavored totally differently, repeat. My saving grace: buffet food! My boyfriend and I go to the buffet once a week for the most varied lovely SPD-happy meal 🙂


    • Yes, buffets are awesome!! Especially for a person with SPD :)! My daughter loves going to them too. So do I. As I’m understanding more of SPD and autism, I understand why.

      What are your best types of food to eat?


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