Where it stands now… waiting, waiting and more waiting

My darling daughter Julianna

My darling daughter Julianna

I’m trying to get assistance for my sweet girl (that’s her in the picture) and I’m playing the waiting game.

I’m learning that I’m not very good at waiting in this area.  I think I am more on the instant gratification end of the scale for this. I know that patience is a virtue, and on most things I am well stocked in that virtue – but not for this.

But when it comes to this situation, I am finding out very differently.

I sent in the applications to the Quebec government for handicapped allowance and the Canadian government for disability credit at the end of January. They even went over night in the mail, so that meant that February the 1st both governments had all of their paperwork.  The same with Summit School. They also had the application on February 1st.

The Canadian Government, shortly after, sent out a letter saying thank you for your application. We have forwarded it to the appropriate department and we will contact you when we have made our decision… I have heard nothing since.

The Quebec government sent me that letter in the end of February asking me for all of the additional paperwork and information.   I am in the process of taking care of that.

Summit School sent me a letter thanking me for my application which they will definitely consider and let me kow if they will accept her. Until then I was advised not to depend on them and to look for other options as well. Which I am in the process of doing of course. Can’t put all of your eggs in one basket as they say. But I really do pray that Summit works out. I have not heard anything from them since.

They told me that if she is accepted for entrance in Fall 2014 they will contact me in March 2014 to start having her evaluated at her current school so that they can determine the best class for her to be put in. If she is accepted, but her entrance will only be in Fall 2015, then they will send me a letter informing of this. In which case she will stay in her current school and not go through another change.

So basically right now, I am sitting here in limbo waiting for some kind of response from the school and praying that the Canadian government contacts me this week with positive news. I was told by quite a few people, who receive assistance, that the Canadian government is pretty fast in taking action. That usually with 1-1.5 months you get your answer and if it is positive then it usually takes about the same amount of time to receive the funding after you receive the acceptance letter.  They got the application about 1.5 months ago so that maybe the reason why I am on pins and needles right now lol…

I am also trying to get all of the missing stuff that the Quebec government needs completed again and sent in ASAP so that praying to God we get accepted by them, funding from them won’t be delayed any longer than it has to be.

I think I am this close to calling the Canadian government on Monday and inquiring about my file. Just not sure if it has been long enough yet to justify starting to bug them….

But I need to do something!  Sitting around waiting is starting to drive me just a little bit crazy lol….

As I mentioned I can usually be a very patient person, but I’m learning that when it comes to things like this for her, I am not as good at waiting as I thought I was…  And each day that goes by with nothing in the mail I start to worry more… I know that Juli’s psychologist said she is guaranteed to get assistance because of the autism, and I trust her completely, but I think that secondary letter from the Quebec government put a little bit of fear in me that I am having a hard time controlling :(.

Please pray that this week reveals some positive answers for us…


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