Productive day, but not without meltdowns

It seems like no matter how well the day is going or how productive we are managing to be there will always be a meltdown… or two… or three.

This morning was just focusing on relaxing and enjoying the fact that we didn’t have to rush on this lovely Saint-Patrick’s Day. I was looking forward to cleaning up from some of the weekend reminders left over and just getting a few things done today. A bit of cleaning, as well as organizing. I still have many things on my post moving to do list and I want to start attacking some of them again.

I’m not sure if it is the aura of Spring in the air that is putting me in the mood or if it’s my “crazy for tidiness and clutter-free” streak is kicking in again. Whatever it is I feel the need to attack and organize.

This is not easy with Juli in the house seeing as every time I try to bury myself in doing something even for 5 minutes, the mommy I need this, or the mommy help me do this automatically comes out of her mouth. It is like clockwork lol. I have to laugh about it, because if I don’t sometimes I would cry about it. It can tend to get really frustrating when I have to get things done.

I work from home with my business so there are times when I have to be busy on the computer and there are many times when I find it really tough and frustrating to do this.  I have to really breathe and try to keep my patience and not get too upset. I know it isn’t her fault. It is just how she is right now and I have to remember that.

Well today was one of those days when I wanted to get quite a number of things done ranging from work, to housework to attacking post moved in stuff that still needed to be done. Namely start attacking my office and get it done so that I can start keeping it organized.  This way I can get work stuff out of my bedroom.

We did quite a few Juli things in the morning so that she felt like she had a good amount of my attention and we did things that she was interested in.  Then my goal was to take care of my things in the afternoon.

I can say it went fairly well compared to what I was expecting. Of course there were meltdowns and I was expecting that too. But the first one was unexpected. She wanted something for lunch that we didn’t have and when she saw that we didn’t have it oh my gosh, the end of the world came and nothing could calm her down. She kept on crying and saying that she had to have it. I felt so bad for her as I thought we had it and so I was telling her we would have it and then came reality that we ran out. Yikes.

Lesson learned that I don’t offer anything that we are low on till I make sure that it is still physically there…. Life seems to always be about my learning lessons these days.

Took a little while to calm her down from that one and so I tried to have her come help me as a way of getting her to calm down. She loves helping :).

And she did want to help. I figured we would go back to the food in the little bit once I get her distracted and in a better state.

We started to clean up and organize my bedroom and get things put away. Then we cleaned off the tv table and I decided to change tables so that the tv would be higher and easier to see. Well she actually went around the apartment and chose the table we were going to switch it with. I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but I was not in the mod for another meltdown as that is the one she had chosen and so that in her mind is the one that had to be used. So I was going to give it a try. I am learning that you can’t tell her things aren’t good or don’t work you have to show her.

So this meant that I was going to have to try and see how it was, go through the whole process to change it and if it didn’t go well then at least she would see it and hopefully be ok with that.  That is what life is like more and more each day to help her to understand things.

Who knows, maybe it would be ok. And to my surprise it seems to be. I got the table in place and it looks much better than the other one that was there before. We’ll have to see in time if it is a good size for the area or a bit too big, but for now it serves the purpose well and she was so proud that she chose and helped to put it there.

Next came vacuuming up all the dust that showed up from moving furniture. And came the next meltdown. She was so excited that she had helped move the furniture that she needed to release some of that energy and emotion. The only way she knows to do this is to “crash” and exercise on my bed. But I have to watch her while she does this and I couldn’t watch her as I would be vacuuming.

She knows this and so the minute I told her I was going to vacuum now she just went into a complete meltdown and for a few minutes I actually had no clue why. It didn’t take me long to realize why but by then she was in total hysterics. So I had to calm her down again.

I understood why she was upset and why she felt she needed to crash and exercise. So I gave her some time to do it as I knew vacuuming would be easier after as the sound of it would upset her a lot if she wasn’t calm from the excitement.

When she  had some of that energy out we did the vacuuming and of course she did a good job of it.  She loves to help. I think it bothers her less when she is doing it as she is in control of the sound. Either way she enjoys it and it helps to keep her calm while doing it. We take turns while doing it that way I ensure it gets done well and she feels like she contributed.  Takes double or triple the time, but it means no meltdown and to me right now that is worth it.

Then we had to prepare her surprise for when daddy comes home. She always prepares little surprises to show him when he comes home. This helps to deal with the transition of him being home when he hasn’t been all day. She looks forward to showing him something and doesn’t actually think about the change of him coming home. I can get more into this in a later post.

Today she was going to show him the little car she got in her Kinder surprise egg. She told me she was hiding it and I really wasn’t listening so when I found it on a shelf in the table we just switched out of the bedroom into the living room I took it out and got it ready for her to show him. When she saw it out that was it. Meltdown. My bad. I forgot she told me she was hiding it and that is why it was there.

I told her I was sorry and she was right. Hide it for daddy. Man did she give me crap and tell me I have to leave it where she puts it because she is hiding it for daddy. lol. Took a few minutes to calm her and a TON of I’m sorry’s from me :).

But I can say that even with all of the meltdowns and the fact that it takes so long to get so little done, partly because it takes a long time with her and partly because I can’t seem to manage to do a lot personally for a while now (I am looking into this to see why and try to understand what is going on with me), I do feel like it was a productive day.


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