One down, two to go!

I was super pleased to open up my mailbox on Friday and find an envelope from the Canadian government. The best part is it was what I was waiting for. A response to our application!

Julianna has been accepted for the Canadian Child Disability Tax Credit. Yay!

I’m very blessed to have great friends who are taking the time to explain more about exactly what this is as I was extremely confused when I opened the envelope and saw three pages of just words, words, and more words.  I really had a hard time understanding what they were saying to me.

It basically means that my application to the Canadian government was approved and that Julianna is considered to be severe. They do not anticipate that she will improve much in the next six years and therefore I don’t have to reapply again until the year 2021.

That is a big relief.  That means I can sit back and breathe for a few years at least in the area of monetary assistance from Canada.

Since this one has to do solely with our taxes I have been referred to a gentleman that specializes in doing the taxes for families with special needs children.  He will be one of my first phone calls tomorrow.

After this on Monday, I will be phoning the lady whose name is at the end of the document I just received and see if she can give me an idea as to how much our credit will be. The letter states that it applies back to the year 2009 when Juli was born.  This is unexpected and awesome!!

Also, I have received the assessment from Juli’s speech therapist that I needed (THANK YOU!!!) and I will be making a copy of the Occupational therapy report.  Those plus the form they sent me will be over-night’d back to the Quebec government on Monday so that they can hurry up and process my application as well.

After that, all that is left is Summit. I’m also going to give them a call on Monday and see where my application with them stands.  I can’t handle waiting anymore. I would like to know what is going on since they mentioned before that I would hear from them in March if she was accepted in for Fall 2014 and now we are the 23rd of March….

I NEED to know.

But for now at least we have the answer from one. Now we just have the other two to go.  At least the one positive one has given me a boost of happiness and that will help carry me through the rest of the steps and time it takes to get to my destination – two more answers…


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