She did very well today…

I am very proud of Juli for how well she did today.

She did remarkably well.  It was a pretty good day for her. Speech therapy was the first thing on our agenda and she did a good job during her session.  She did have a bit of a hard time when it was time to leave but that is only because it was a bit of a shorter session today and she felt that she hadn’t been there as long as she normally is.

She can be very intuitive about these kind of things.

Once we got her out of speech therapy and back in the car she was excited to get to see Stephanie her OT as she was going to ask Stephanie to help her make a crown. She has been excited about doing this since last night.  Non-stop talking about making the crown lol.  That is my Juli, when something gets on her mind that she has to do or find, you can’t distract her easily.  She has a really awesome long term memory.

Her therapist has said a number of times that her memory is going to serve her well in the future.

We headed off to see Stephanie and as soon as Juli got there, the first thing out of her mouth was telling Stephanie that she would like to build a crown.  It was too cute!! And so off they went and raced into the back room.

And so for the next hour I kept myself busy while I was hearing some of her giggles coming from the back room.  I just love listening to her while she is in there. She sounds happy now.

She finished off her session and came running out to show me her beautiful crown. She was so proud of it. I’ll take a picture tomorrow of her wearing it and post it for you all.

Next she knew we were heading off to her grandparents to pick up some food and then we were heading off to go tea shopping with Aunty Sylvie (my bff).  Usually we head home after seeing Stephanie so this was going to be a bit of a longer day for her. I wasn’t sure how that was going to turn out.

We headed over to her grandparents and I was letting her know the whole way over that we weren’t staying long.  I was hoping that I was giving her enough warning that I could avoid a major meltdown when we left. Mainly because when she goes to Teta & Guedo’s she always stays and visits with them. This time we couldn’t.

She actually handled it pretty well. I was surprised.  She did have a bit of a hard time leaving but that I expected and I was prepared. I kept on reminding her that we were going to get Aunty Sylvie for shopping. And she is going to help Aunty Sylvie choose some tea. She loves Sylvie so that really helped a lot :).

I got her into the car after a very sweet goodbye to her grandparents.  She can seem so grown up sometimes.

We headed over to Sylvie’s place and then it was off to the mall for all of us.

I was very proud of how Juli was at the store.  Usually she can’t handle staying in one store too long. She needs to keep moving.  She was very patient at Best Buy. Stayed close to us and even helped me carry something I was buying. I was so proud of her!!

Next onto David’s Tea.  She did start losing some of her patience in there, but that is only to be expected after I have been taking her to so many places.  She wanted to smell as many of the teas as she could and she was starting to have a hard time staying around us. She needed to keep moving and that is not a good thing in a store that is tight and has quite a few breakable items.

We managed to finish our shopping, but by the end she was done.  She was ready to go. Her patience was no more.

We headed over to Sylvie’s and this is where Juli truly amazed me.

Usually when we go to Sylvie’s – or anywhere other than her families for that matter – Juli has to stay near me. She doesn’t feel secure enough to be away from me. If I am in the living room then so will she be. If I get up to go into the kitchen for something then she will have to follow me.  It is always like this.

Except for tonight.  Tonight was the first time I can remember in a long time, if ever, that she spent most of our time there away from me doing her own thing. I was completely stunned!!  I noticed it about 20 minutes into us being there that I didn’t knock into her when I turned around one time. I commented to Sylvie that “Oh my gosh, Juli is not in here with me!!”

I went to very quietly look at where she was and found her in the living room playing with Sylvie’s kids. And that is where she stayed for most of our visit. It was awesome!!  It was so nice to have a break and I was (am) super proud of her for this.

She also impressed me again by eating her whole meal and having some seconds which she finished as well.

Here she is proudly showing off her almost finished second plate :)…

2014-03-24 19.29.50

Usually she has a heard time with meat, so I am on cloud nine that she ate so well tonight.

Over all she had a very good day and did amazingly well. Can’t say it enough how proud of her I am today :).


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