Practising Letters

I try and practice a little bit of school things with Juli each day. Just to make sure we stay in the habit of doing it since she functions so much  better around routine.

Depending on the day and how good a day she has had so far, depends on how well she does,  how much we do and what we do.  Sometimes we can only accomplish 10-15 minutes before she is not able to focus anymore. Other days we can get up to 30-40 minutes (with small breaks every few minutes), before she shuts down.  Those are really good days, and at this point they are still few in occurrence.

But she had one today :).

Today she was actually into practicing some letters.  Usually she is very resistant with letters.  I think her willingness today is due to Stephanie working on tracing with her in the occupational therapy this past Monday.

I was just happy to be able to work on some letters as I am really trying to find a good way to get her to learn to recognize the letters in her name.

She used a Leapfrog that she got for her birthday from a good friend of mine.  It focuses on having her trace letters and shapes to aid in learning them.  I am so happy that possibly now Juli is mentally at the right age for this device and is now starting to have the ability to use this. I’m glad it is going to be able to help her to learn her letters :).

Here are a couple of pictures of her working with it….

2014-03-26 13.34.21     2014-03-26 13.34.40

Way to go Juli :)!!


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