Today’s focus…. eating

Getting Juli to eat decently, that is what most of today’s focus has been on.

She can have really good eating days where she will eat well on her own with no prompting and then we can have days like today.

I have spent most of today working on getting her to eat.  It took me over an hour and a half to get a decent amount of breakfast into her and that ended up being half a sandwich on bagel, plus one bite from the other half.  One hour and 37 minutes to get just over half a bagel into her.

I need to make sure that she eats enough and it is very exhausting to spend so much time just to get her to eat what I would accept as a decent minimal amount of breakfast.

I started working on lunch around 12:30pm. First I asked her if she would like to finish her poutine that she had in the fridge…

Poutine has become her new favourite food, except she has a hard time with the french fries. I think it’s because she is not used to eating french fries with sauce on them. She doesn’t like the different texture. She will eat a few, but she will prefer to eat just the cheese from the poutine. So I have to make sure that she eats something else along with the poutine.

It’s so cute! Each time we ask her if she wants poutine or she asks us for poutine, she always adds on “with cheese!!” She still thinks a poutine just means French fries and gravy and it’s the cheese she really wants lol. So every time she makes sure we are getting it “with cheese” lol….

It took me almost 45 minutes and she ate 6 bites of the poutine. Then she couldn’t eat anymore. She needed a sensory change.

I gave her a small bowl of lentil stew. She really enjoys this meal and the texture is very different from poutine. The best part is that it is super nutritious for her!

Even though she loves it, today is still a prompting day and that is what it took for the next 1.25 hours.

Constant prompting…. every few minutes.

I will not help feed her. Her fine motor is delayed, that is the case, but I know she can do it on her own except for the last few hard to scrap spoonfuls out of the bowl. I want to make sure she keeps that going.

So the whole time, for the next 1.25 hours, it involved me prompting her every few minutes “take another bite love” or “eat some more lunch sweetheart”.

Sometimes she has such a hard time focusing and moves around so much that she literally forgets to eat or can’t focus enough to do it.

And she isn’t able to sit in one spot at the table for long. Her sensory issues kick in and she has to move around.  She can’t sit still for more than about 5 minutes usually.

Around 2:30pm, she had finally finished enough that I was satisfied it could be a decent minimum for her to eat. I would feel much better though, if she could eat more, but it felt good she made the minimum requirement.

I continued on, trying to get her to eat more. She finally finished completely around 3pm. So that means almost 3 hours to get a good lunch into her.

Days like this are exhausting.

I am so happy supper went a bit better. She asked for pizza and it took a bit less prompting to get her to eat. It took her just under 1.5 hours to eat most of a piece. That isn’t bad compared to the rest of the day.  She was very happy to get a bit of desert before getting ready for bed.

Her sensory issues are not her fault so I never penalize her for them being the reason she has a hard time eating. I always makes sure she gets a bit of desert after each meal including supper even if it is a bit late that she finally manages to finish. We just adapt it to a more suitable night time desert if it is close to bed time.

After having today, I really hope tomorrow is a less prompting eating day lol…


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