So close…but still not yet

Getting Juli to gain weight has been a battle since day 1. I  try and buy all types of healthy food that will help her gain weight.  She has always been in the very bottom of the percentile list when she has her appointments with the pediatrician each year.

He never worries as he takes one look at me, soaking wet I’m 90 lbs, and he just tells me “look at her mother” with a smile on his face.

Just because he doesn’t worry, doesn’t mean I don’t. I do.

All of the kids around her who are the same age are double her weight and practically a foot taller than she is.

She is almost the height of a 3.5 year old and she is going to be 5 in July. I weigh her an average of once per month and she barely goes up each time I weigh her.

She is almost 5 and is still in a car seat with no booster seat in sight for a long time. You need to be 40 lbs to be able to transfer up to a booster seat. The rate Juli is growing she’ll graduate to a booster seat by the time she is 10 lol.

I have been keeping an eye on her weight and for the past few months she has been in the 29 lbs range.

She took forever, as in almost a year, to go from 26lbs into 27lbs. Then more than 6 months to graduate to 28lbs. I cheered when she hit 29lbs, many, many months later. She ass so close yet in her case so far from 30lbs.

Well, I think the time is finally close! I weighed her on Tuesday and she is on the brink…. 29.9 lbs. She will probably take a while longer to break 29lbs, but at least now I can feel it lol.

So close yet so far away still.

I know it would go faster if she was able to eat better with a bigger variety of foods and we are working on that with her therapies. Her inability to eat a wide range of things is not her fault, but it probably has a lot to do with her weight.

This might improve with time, but for now until then I try and get as much good weighty stuff into her that I can lol.


2 thoughts on “So close…but still not yet

  1. My threed year old is also a slow gainer. We have been doing an elimination diet to try and see if he has hidden food allergies and to help rebuild his gut. Since we started almost three months ago he has had a big increase in weight, thank the Lord!
    Hopefully you will be able to find something that relieves your fears soon. If you want another way to look at it, she is a third o your weight.


    • Yes, lol, she is a third my weight :). And I guess I can look at it as I can be thankful that she is light enough I can still pick her up in my arms and carry her when I need to. She still does love being in my arms and I enjoy it too :). I am very happy your son is gaining weight!


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