Just for a minute….then it was gone

Juli is very sensory sensitive on her head.  I know how she feels as so am I.

She had cheerleading this morning and this always follows with her wanting to have pretty things in her hair like the other girls. They all have really long hair, more than half way down their back, and beautiful long pony tails with lovely huge bows on their heads.

This day always always has the same result. She finishes cheerleading and within a few hours she starts talking about wanting long hair and having pony tails like the big girls.

I always tell her that we can grow her hair, but it will take a very long, long time.  Lots of good-night, sleep-tights.  She still gets excited at the idea.

I get very nervous at the idea of growing her hair out as right now she can barely touch a brush to it or anything else for that matter and long hair takes a lot of maintenance. I should know lol. I’ve lived most of my life with my hair past my shoulders and I am in the process of growing it out again. Another reason Juli probably wants to have long hair – like me.

I don’t mind trying to grow her hair out as I’m thinking that maybe wanting to have those ponytails like those girls might be enough motivation to help her work on more of her head sensory issues with her therapist.  We have only made brushing teeth and washing hair the priority so far. I didn’t worry too much about getting her used to the feeling of the brush or comb as her hair is so short right now it isn’t really necessary.

Maybe all of this is going to change thanks to the cheerleading. That would be really nice.

She came to me after we got home this afternoon and brought me a bag containing a whole bunch of barrettes and hair elastics.  She started looking through the bag and I hopefully asked her if she would like me to put some of them in her hair. She often says no, but looks like she really wants. She just can’t bring herself to say yes. Sometimes she will say yes, but the minute my hand gets close to her head she starts to freak and pulls away.

Today she said yes. I was expecting her to freak the minute the little clip got close, but she didn’t. I was so excited!!!

She let me put one clip on each side of her head.  Woohoooo!!! I was so happy!

She then said she really wanted to have a ponytail like the big girls. I told her I could make a ponytail, but it would be a small one as her hair is still not long. She said ok. And she actually let me do it.

I was so happy that she let me do this :). One more girl thing I got to do with her.  I am so very proud of her. This is a big accomplishment!!

It didn’t last long though. I was so excited I asked her if I could get a picture. She let me take a few and then out it all came.

But that is ok!  It was a start.

It doesn’t matter that it was only in her hair for maybe a total of 2 minutes. The awesome fact is it WAS IN her hair. She did it. And she allowed me to take the pictures to remember it with.

Now I can use the picture to help her remember that she did it and it was ok for a couple minutes and maybe that will help her to be able to do it again in the future.

Here are the pictures to show you how cute she is with them in her hair.

2014-03-29 18.46.41 2014-03-29 18.46.53 2014-03-29 18.47.09


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