Good “crashing” therapy

Crashing is a really good proprioception exercise for Juli for her sensory issues.

She does some every night before bed as it really helps her body to settle itself which allows her to fall asleep and bit faster and sleep a little bit better.

Her body thrives on the semi-hard impact it gets falling from a standing position onto pillows (or something similar in softness) on the bed.

Her occupational therapist explained to me exactly how to do a make shift crash zone at home and exactly how much pressure and impact her body is needing.

Well, this afternoon we accomplished two things in one. We improvised so that she got to have some good play time with Jean-Pierre and she got some crashing done too.

You can always use things around the house to make good play sessions or in this case turn a chore into a super fun play time (not without the mess to clean up after though lol).

We took a break from putting laundry away and turned it into a pile of fun for Juli. She decided she was going to bury Jean-Pierre and then have some fun with it.

Did she ever!!

She piled all of his clothes on top of him and turned it into a crashing zone :).  She jumped onto the big pile and then sat up and fell backwards onto the bed/clothes giving her body the pressure sensation it was desperately seeking.

She did this for about 30-45 minutes. Her mood was much different after. Much calmer and much more relaxed. This really does her a lot of good.

She knows exactly when she needs to do it too. I never have to guess. Her body knows the feeling it receives from doing the crashing and she comes and tells me when she needs to crash. I will prepare the zone for her and I stay on the bed and make sure she does it properly. There are certain ways she is supposed to crash and certain ways that she can’t.

It’s amazing how much it helps her. I never knew it could have such an affect on her. There are some nights she does it for 30 minutes and then she stops, tells me that she is tired and going to sleep. Then 2 minutes later she is sound asleep.


I took some pictures of this afternoon’s crashing session so you can see how much she enjoys it :).

IMG_1289 IMG_1290 IMG_1291 IMG_1292 IMG_1293 IMG_1295 IMG_1296 IMG_1297


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