Juli has been complaining of her legs hurting…

During the last couple of days Juli has been complaining about her legs hurting a bit.  I am not sure if this is a sensory issue or something different.

It has me a bit concerned.

I have examined her leg very inconspicuously when she is sitting on my lap and I see nothing unusual on the outside. No bruises, no marks.  She won’t let me touch it to check it out, but she is always like that.  The minute you ask to examine or look at any part of her body she starts to freak out thinking that something is wrong and then she goes into a complete panic.

I am not sure if this is a normal thing for a child living with sensory processing disorder and/or autism…..

I don’t know enough about these yet to know if this is a common thing…

She will come and tell me out of the blue that her leg hurts and she will look genuinely sore.  Then a few minutes later she will come to me with a happy smile on her face and say her leg is all better, then a few minutes later it is back again.

I have told her it will feel better if she sits down a relaxes for a few minutes. I actually want to see if the pain does go away when she relaxes off of it for a bit. If it does feel better.

But of course we are talking about an SPD kid here.  Sit down and relax her leg for a few minutes….. yeah right!  She didn’t last more than 20 seconds sitting down before she was coming and seeing me for something or another lol.

I told her the only way we are going to find out why her leg is sore is if she can sit down and relax it a bit. She look at me and she was very confused… “why mommy”?  I wasn’t sure how to explain it to her in a way she could understand….

Does anyone know if this is a normal sensory issue?

I am going to observe her for a couple more days (the weekend) and if she is still complaining of it I will consider taking her to see her pediatrician.  I am also going to ask her occupational therapist about it on Monday when we go for Juli’s appointment. She knows a lot about SPD and she may have answers for me for this.

I am learning that Juli is very sensitive to pain and seems to have a low pain tolerance. This is part of what makes this so uncertain for me.  She has balled her eyes out screaming over the littlest bobo’s so I am not sure if this is small or something I need to worry about.

There is no swelling and nothing that looks different or unusual. And she isn’t complaining all of the time either.

I am not sure what is going on….

Not easy when you are not sure if it is something to worry about or one of the ways that sensory issues is affecting your child  :(…

Give it the weekend and see where to go from here unless it bothers her more before then. I’m also going to talk to some other sensory moms that I know and get their opinion.


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