What a day…. Make that the next three to four days….

I just got back a little while ago from seeing the psychologist.

I am quite tired and emotionally drained. This has been quite the long and busy day.  I was running around all day between Juli’s cheer-leading and going to finalize our tax paper work.  Then off to the psychologist an hour after I got home from all that.  Crazy long day. But a good one!

Tomorrow will be really hard as I am going to see my Uncle in Ottawa. My dad’s brother. He has a brain tumor and doesn’t have much time left. I want to make sure that he spends a bit of time with Juli while he can.

I am not sure how I am going to handle the trip, but I know it is something I have to do. n It is still going to be extremely emotional for me….

Then Monday we are back in the West Island for a full day of therapy and other organized appointments.  That will probably be a long day for Juli and I again.  Tuesday she is back to school and I have many errands to run.  Then Wednesday the same and I see the psychologist in the evening again.

It is a long 5 days straight….  But I will be so happy at the end of it all as I will have my official answer.  That will happen Wednesday or Thursday if we don’t finish Wednesday.

She has some pretty concrete thoughts as of now and it was more than I expected when I first contacted her.  I will share those shortly in another post as I am wiped from the emotions of this day and need to relax a bit before I get into a post that detailed….


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