A few precious moments…

It was a very draining day emotionally.

It was a very draining weekend actually.  But all of it needed to be done.

Juli behaved like a champ, especially with everything that was going on. She went to strange places and ended up being surrounded by people she doesn’t see very often. Quite a lot of them too. She was in some overwhelming, stressful situations for her and she managed to transition not to bad with just a bit of difficulty. A lot less than I was expecting.  I am extremely proud of her!

We had a few close meltdowns, but we managed to divert them. Jp was amazing with her and managed to distract her just in time.  I am so thankful that he was able to do that as I was barely with it today. After yesterday giving everything I have to the psychological testing and going through today, I was pretty much done emotionally by mid afternoon.

Juli traveled well and even got in and out of the car a couple of times with out too much distress. Awesome!

She even had a good eating weekend. She had an awesome lunch at her grandparents yesterday and a pretty good one at the restaurant on the way traveling today. I am so grateful for those types of meals that don’t require the constant encouraging for her to eat.

She did have a few emotional moments today, while we were at my Uncle’s. She let me talk to her though and explain things to her so together we managed to get her to calm down, to be ok with things and help her get control of her emotions before she got too upset.

You have to be grateful when you get small times like these especially on rough days.  I’m grateful when Juli has good days, but even more so when I’m having hard days.

Once I get some sleep tonight and get myself put back together a bit from the weekend, I will explain a bit more about how yesterday went.

For now here is a couple of pictures from the good times this weekend as those are the times we must remember and embrace :)…


A cuddling moment Friday night :)

A cuddling moment Friday night 🙂 

I don’t have a lot of pictures of me and her as I love my camera and I usually prefer being BEHIND the lens taking the pictures lol…

Yummy pizza lunch at her granparents

Yummy pizza lunch at her grandparents

2014-04-05 12.26.07 2014-04-05 12.26.33 2014-04-05 12.26.36-2


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