Accomplishments from OT

Juli has been working very hard in occupational therapy. Stephanie is trying to have her work on her fine motor skills by having her work on connecting lines and tracing her name.

Juli is impressing me with this! She is getting better and better with tracing 🙂

She still has a hard time with the letters. This is to be expected though. She is practicing a lot and I am proud of the improvements that she is making.

She doesn’t know what all of the letters are that she is tracing but she is learning them and I think she now knows the “o” and the “U”.

I am attaching a couple of pictures so you can see her progress and why I am so proud 🙂

2014-04-08 20.57.02 2014-04-08 20.57.30

Juli was ale to connect each of the butterflies to its partner and the same with the caterpillars.  This is something she just learned to be able to do as before she would need the dots in order for it to be a straight line. Now she is making fairly straight lines without the dots!!  So awesome 🙂

For the tracing her name picture Stephanie wrote the short version of her name, then she makes all of the letters below in yellow so that Juli can trace them and learn them.  Yesterday they didn’t have time to do the last “N” and “A” in her name lol.

But isn’t it awesome how well she did it!!??

I am so super proud of her accomplishments 🙂


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