We brought these home today :)



2014-04-09 23.22.07 2014-04-09 23.22.42 2014-04-09 23.23.10

Juli’s art just amazes me and makes me so proud:). One of the main reason is because I am so happy she loves art as well as colors and is very artistic. I’m not, lol, but I wish I was.

She loves dark colors as well bright.  She says her favorite color is purple. She doesn’t really know what the word favorite means, but she heard it and likes to use it so everything is her favorite according to her lol.

I personally love the multicolored painting here. I just love the colors she used and the fact that she tried to make a design out of it.  I think it is just beautiful :).

I also love the simple mauve one too. That is one of my favorite colors as it is so pretty and gentle.

I am so proud that she is actually experimenting with painting. This is new and something she has not wanted to do much before. She was always afraid to get near the paint as it was scary for her and she would never want to use it for fear of getting it on her or her clothing.

I am so thrilled that she is finally taking a chance with it and having fun. Enjoying it.

She was so excited to get this. She has been talking about the drawings that she did at school and asking me everyday if today is going to be the day that it is ready and she gets bring it home to show us.  These paintings have been one of the ways I have used to get her into school with the minimal of complaints about having to leave me.

Her sheer excitement about getting them was enough to get her into school. I am so glad there were ready today as I don’t think I could have handled her disappointment one more day.  It has been a big challenge to stop the meltdown each day when she found out they were ready yet.

Holy cow….

She has one more family picture that she has been telling me about for almost a week. So hopefully that will be ready tomorrow :).  I’ll post that one up when it comes home. I am beginning to wonder if I am misunderstanding her as I haven’t seen it yet and she has been telling me about it for over a week now….

We’ll have to see. She keeps insisting that she drew a picture of “mommy and daddy and Juli” so I hope it is in her box tomorrow.

I am just so incredibly proud that she loves the arts. All types.  Music, dancing, and drawing/painting/coloring.  She seems really passionate about them and I think it is a wonderful thing to be passionate about :).


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