I’m impressed….

Juli really impressed me today.

I had to make a couple of phone calls and I knew that one of them would probably take a long time.  Calling my cell phone provider always does.  But I wanted to get it done while I was in the mood and had the patience to do it.

Usually I can estimate spending 1-2 hours on the phone when I call them.  Mainly because my cell has a lot of features on it and it is pretty complicated.

I tried to prepare Juli for the fact that I was going to be on the phone for a long time and told her that whenever the music came on, in other words I am put on hold, I would read some stories to her. I was hoping this would be good enough to appease her.

I picked up my cell to call them and she already started getting antsy.  I told her to start reading some stories to me, but she wanted the opposite.  I told her that I had to make this call and I would read her stories each time nobody was talking to me.

I called them and had a good discussion with them.  Just as I predicted I was on the phone with them pretty much the whole afternoon. I was passed around to many different departments and through the whole phone call Juli behaved extremely well!

I am so impressed and proud of her. I kept telling her this the whole way though.

She pulled out all of her toys and she went through everything in her bedroom. She made a complete mess the whole time, but she played a lot by herself and that is what really impressed me. She wasn’t sitting in my lap the whole time trying to be a part of the phone call.

I didn’t mind that she made a mess as she knows she has to clean up her messes and after I got off the phone she was ok with doing that.  It was a very overwhelming mess though for her and I did understand that.  I helped her clean up, but that is ok as she made no complaint to help me do the clean up.

I was just absolutely proud of her. She hasn’t really been able to occupy herself for that long before and not get too upset with me being on the phone.  I really didn’t mind that she wanted to sit with me some of the time and listen as that is ok. The important thing is she didn’t interrupt and want to talk to them like I was doing.

So yay Juli. Way to go. I am extremely proud of you and very impressed by this afternoon :).  Love you my sweet girl!


One thought on “I’m impressed….

  1. that is great. I was going to inquire about signing up with Rogers when my contract was up but I certainly don’t want to have to call them about my phone all the time and talk for hours. as it seems you are always calling them.


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