A few more of Juli’s pieces :)….

I absolutely love Juli’s painting and art work.

This new school focuses a lot on the kids creativity and this is one of the things I love about this school.  That and the fact that Juli really does seem happy there.

Tuesday is music day, Wednesday is art day and Thursday is activity or exercise day.

Here are a few more pieces that Juli has proudly made and couldn’t wait to bring home for me to see 🙂

And I am excited to share them with you…

The first two are her paintings and the third one she is practicing drawing her lines and attempting shapes.  She is not there yet, but she is trying. She really wants to try and make them. I am very proud of her for that :).

2014-04-14 20.32.34     2014-04-14 20.33.58     2014-04-14 20.35.22

As you can see in the first picture she is so proud. She insisted on holding this one up for me to take the picture lol.  This is good!  I always want her to be confident and proud as that will keep giving her the drive to push forward ad continue to improve.

So enjoy my Juli’s lovely art work :)!!



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