Juli’s Easter Art

Juli made a really nice art project for Easter. She is very proud of it.

She showed it to me and was naming all of the different shapes that she put on it.  This is not a project that she just went to town with and had fun. This is was one that had a purpose to it and her teachers taught her specifically about Easter. They guided her through this project.

Her teachers actually expressed how impressed they were with her during this project. She really tried to make the effort to sit as long as she could and listen to what to put.  She really tried to do her best to follow the guiding they gave her. She was able to focus on this for almost 14 minutes. Usually she can’t go past 10 minutes, so they were really impressed – and so am I!

She was actually telling me about the different shapes in her design, as well as how her teachers were telling her all about Easter.

She can’t really tell me what her teachers taught her as she doesn’t understand the real meaning yet, but the fact that she remembered some of what her teachers said and she remembered all about the different shapes she put, I was quite impressed :).

Here is this special art that she made :)…

2014-04-19 21.43.26

It says on the bottom L’histoire des Pacques, this means “The history of Easter”.

Her art has flowers, bunnies, eggs, and a sheep on it. I’m not exactly sure why there is a clover on it though :). And she colored the background.

I’m so proud of her effort in this :)!

Great job Juli!!


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