An accomplishment for Juli…

Ever since we moved in I have regretted the way that I configured the furniture in Julianna’s room.  It made her room look very crowded and small.  You couldn’t really maneuver a lot in it.

I have been trying to think of a way to change it and I was just too nervous to do it knowing that she would not react to the change well.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

A couple weeks ago I bit the bullet and asked Juli if we could change her room around to make it nicer and easier for her. Of course she told me “no, I don’t want to change it”.  No surprise there.

I mentioned it to her each day for more than a week.  She kept on giving me the same answer. I was really beginning to think I wasn’t going to be able to do it.

I told her that all I wanted to do was move her bed around. In reality I needed to move her bedside table and bookshelf too, but I would explain that later as the bed couldn’t move with out moving them too.

But she surprised me one day a few days ago and came and told me it was ok to move her bed now. She wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to hurt though.

She can be so totally cute sometimes. More cute than usual :).

I reassured her that it wasn’t going to hurt her or her bed.  I invited her to help me move the furniture.  This seemed to help her to feel better about doing it. She actually got excited about doing it :).

She is a really good helper! And all of the pushing of the furniture is excellent proprioception exercises for her sensory issues.  She helped me do a lot of the pushing. I actually let her do most of the pushing. She really loves it. She thrives on it.

We moved the bed as well as her bedside table and the bookshelf.  The only thing we didn’t move is her dresser. And boy am I glad as that thing is HUGE and long lol.

Her room looks so nice now and so much more like a little girls room. Having it like this really makes her princess comforter show out a lot more.  She really does like it this way and it is easier for her to find things and do things now.

She was so excited and proud to show Jp what we had done in her room and I made sure that she took all of the credit for it that way she really feels more comfortable about it.

I am really proud of her for being able to finally make this change happen.  It took a lot of coaching and convincing and prepping but we finally got it done and now it is better for her in every way.

I am not going to tackle the organizing and cleaning up yet as that is too much for her right now and I don’t want to push my luck in the area of her accepting change. A little bit is good every once in a while but too much will end up probably having me up all night as it would be too much for her and I don’t want to go through that right now.

Walk away for now while the going is still good as they say….

I do know that she is proud of her new room as she keeps showing it to Jp and I saying “look at my new room!”  And we keep saying to her “we know, we helped you put it that way”… Not sure why she does that – keeps telling us about when we are the ones that helped her do it. But that is something to figure out at another time and it’s a whole other blog post for another day….

I’m just so happy that we managed to achieve this change and that she was finally willing to let it happen.  It doesn’t bother me how long it took. The fact is with prompting and preparation she was able to eventually do it. That is awesome and we can work on how long it takes later.

This is an awesome achievement for her!  This was a fairly big change for her to accept and make happen and I am super proud of her :).

2014-04-17 21.58.59          2014-04-17 21.58.40


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