A drawing accomplishment :)


Juli’s OT has been working on getting her to draw her family or people in general.

Up until now she has only drawn a circle for the head and then had the arms and legs coming out of the head with no body.  She has been trying since the beginning to teach Juli about the different parts of the body and where to draw them.

She has been able to do it with total prompting, being told what to draw and where, then she would do it…

Until now. This came home from school. When I saw it in her box I asked her teacher about it. I asked it she did it on her own or if they had guided her on how to draw the whole thing.  They have been working with her on the same objective and her teacher proudly said that she had done this all on her own :).

I’m so proud of her and this accomplishment!!!

All of her working on MatMan with Stephanie has led her to accomplish this :).

We pulled out a double sided drawing easel (one side chalk and one side erasable marker) that one of my friends gave to her a year or two ago and she drew the family this weekend.  She was even telling us as she went along what she was drawing.  She was SO proud to show us that she could do it and I just had to share the good news with her OT Stephanie yesterday :).

Stephanie said that she has been playing the MatMan song for Juli each session so that she has the song guiding her along on what do draw, but that she has been leanving it up to Juli to draw the proper thing.  She said that yesterday was the first time that Juli has drawn it all on her own with only MatMan guiding her!!

These may be small steps, but they are as big as the world to me.  Every step she takes and every accomplishment she makes shows me what an awesome girl my daughter is :).

I’m so proud of you my sweet love, keep up the great work my big girl !!!


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