My Mother’s Day Card from Juli :)…

IMG_1356               IMG_1355

This is the beautiful card that Juli made for me for Mother’s Day :).  It is in French as she is going to a french speaking school. Where we live now is a high French environment. It is giving her a chance to learn the language and the school is awesome regarding the fact that she doesn’t know the language. They are so patient with her and repeat things in English for her if she doesn’t understand them in French :)…

It says: “Mom! I made this gift for you. I love playing with you. Happy Mother’s Day. ”  I love it!!  She chose what to glue on and it comes straight from her heart.  She was SO excited to give it to me :).

It has been a little while since I have made a post and I thought I would make this one a happy thoughts post :).

A lot has been going on and I will fill you all in with some more posts, I just wanted to share this and a few more of her art things before I forget.

So here is this one and another accomplishment will follow in the next post :).


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