Dentist didn’t go well at all….

I feel so bad for Juli as each time we go to the dentist it ends up being harder on her than the last time :(.  I believe this was her second time and it was worse than the last.

The first time the dental assistant was so good to her. The dental assistant has training with autistic kids so she knew exactly how to handle sensory issues. At that time that is what we thought were Julianna’s only issues….  Little did we know then that she was actually autistic.

This time however was completely different and not in a good way….

As soon as we walked into the dental office Juli immediately remembered what happened there last time (being forced to lie down to have dentist check her teeth) and she went into freak out mode :(.  She immediately started telling me that she didn’t want to see the dentist and she was completely panicking.  She was telling me that she didn’t want to lie down…

This was coming from her remembering the last time when the dentist himself needed to check her teeth, he lied her down with her head on his lap and her bum on my lap with the dentist and I facing each other. This was the only way that he could have enough control over her that he could safely check her teeth….  And she had screamed bloody murder the whole time….

Now the poor sweetie was remembering this and completely freaking out.

I tried to reassure her that we would tell the doctor she didn’t want to lie down and if she wanted we could tell him that she wanted to sit in the big girl seat like Dora does.  She was way beyond listening though. She was in one of repetitive states…. She just kept telling me she didn’t want to be there and didn’t want to lie down.

Thankfully, her name was called fairly fast, but unlike last time she practically had to be dragged into the back :(.

I knew this wasn’t going to turn out well.

She was due for a check up and cleaning this time. The minute we got in the back and I sat down Juli just stuck to me like glue. She wasn’t letting me go. She was not going to let that lady look at her again….  The assistant did everything she could to convince Juli to let her look at her teeth.  Juli wasn’t having it – no way.

The assistant didn’t want to be forceful as she wanted to make sure she was one Juli trusted so that maybe Juli could be ok with one person there and she knew it wouldn’t be the dentist.  But Juli’s crying just got louder :(.

Finally the dentist finished with the other patient and he came to see Juli. She was in hysterics by then.  He said he was going to have to put her on his lap again and that just sent her into incomprehension.

He took her out of my arms and laid her on his lap.  Then I took her legs and wrapped them around me, all the time telling her it was going to be ok and I was here for her.  I felt so bad doing this to her….. I had no choice though :(.

He quickly looked at her teeth and said they were beautiful.  Awesome how he could do it so fast :)…

I had told him that she was complaining of pain in her mouth again so I had been very worried about cavities, but he said that her teeth look marvelous and so he had no idea where the pain could be coming from….. Maybe it’s something sensory???

And that was all he could do. He said that there was no way he could clean her teeth when she is this hysterical. It would be way too dangerous…. I asked if it was important for him to do it and he said that her teeth look fine and we can go another 6 months. He said that he would tell me if they need a cleaning and if we can’t skip it.

At that point if she is still reacting like this then we might have to look at other options that might include tranquilizing her or sending her to the hospital to do the procedure if he is not able to do it in his office…..

But we are not to worry about that now as we have no idea what progress she will make in the next few months.  She could go either way – worse or better……

I am hoping and praying for better :).

He told her that he was finished and she could go.  It took her about 5 minutes to calm down enough for me to get her ready and then she was finally able to listen to me and truly understand and believe that it was really time to go.  That made her day.

So we got ready and made our way out back into the happy world.

The whole way home she was telling me all about her experience at the dentist.  I just kept smiling to myself thinking “I know love, I was there lol”….. 🙂


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