The Autism is setting in more…

I’ve been told it is supposed to happen a lot more as she gets older…. I guess maybe it slipped my mind.  I’m not sure….

Lately some of her autistic traits seem to be presenting themselves a lot more.

Her really bad short term memory for one….

Also a second… She was doing so well in her speech and Language therapy and starting to be able to express herself a lot more than before.  I was noticing it and it was so nice to see.

Lately though, I am noticing that she is having a hard time expressing her needs and wants as well as telling us things directly.  She can talk up a storm in general – that is for sure, but when it comes to asking for things she has been regressing a lot and starting to not want to use her words. She just points to what she wants or brings it to us and shows it to us, then just points to herself along with making a throaty sound….

When it comes to telling us things, she starts to and then she just can’t get the words out.  She starts by saying “I saw” or “Daddy, I…” or “Can I” or anything else that she wants to tell us and then she just stops and she can’t.  I’m not sure where the blockage is or why, but I know it’s there as she struggles a lot of the time now.

I often have to guess what she wants to tell me and then try and give her the words so that she can repeat them back to me, that way they can maybe stick in her head….

It’s as if her brain is moving too fast and her mouth can’t keep up or something like that. I know that feeling as I have it often, but for me  it’s different. I start talking and end up going so fast that my words get tangled. For her it is different. Her words don’t get tangled, they just get stuck somewhere between brain and mouth…..

Both are increasing in occurrence but the one that really concerns me is the regression one. She needs to learn to use her precious words and ask for things via those words….

When she asks me for things with sounds and gestures only, she doesn’t get them. Instead she gets guided to use her words. If she looks like she has forgotten what they are and she must repeat after me before she receives what she is asking for…

It’s beginning to be like this a lot now,but I’m not giving up.  The signalling and making sounds when asking for what she wants has to stop or at least dramatically slow down as I’m starting to get worried a bit…

I finally understand that because I’m autistic, that is why I worry so much and have so much anxiety.  But this is a valid worry and one we need to seriously work on….


4 thoughts on “The Autism is setting in more…

  1. I could type this same post. I feel like so many of my son’s autistic traits are get more noticeable. I didn’t know if it was me picking up on it more or what. I just know that it’s so visible. I also think its his age. At 3.5 he isn’t a baby anymore. He’s a little boy. Hugs mama.


    • Maybe we are picking up on it more, but I definitely think it is their age as well. I was told that as they grow up the autism can come out more. It becomes more prominent which is one of the reasons it is easier to diagnose when they are older. Unfortunately also why it is harder to reverse as it is becoming so set in :(…. Hugs to you too mama 🙂


      • I felt like Cooper’s autistic traits popped on Easter weekend this year. Isn’t that weird? I can almost pin it down to the day. I have often wondered if Cooper’s autistic traits came out late because he is developmentally delayed. Who knows though. It’s all so tough. Ugh.


      • I know what you mean. I also noticed the same that her autistic traits started showing up at a certain period and I can almost pin point the time.

        I asked her OT about it and she said she has heard of it before. She said that in many cases it is because they are trying hard to focus on learning something new and therefore everything else they know just gets forgotten. So they seem to really regress. She said it may take quite a while, but that she may end up sprinting ahead in something which will be what her body was trying to learn….

        I am waiting to see if this theory will pan out :)…

        But you are definitely right – it is really tough….

        Courage and patience to you 🙂


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