Still waiting…

I’m still waiting for the Quebec government to come back with a positive response….

It has been months, but I have been told by a few people they also had to wait a long time for their answers as well.  I just worry that the longer I wait the less chance there is for a positive answer.

I have already had them respond back requesting more information and documents which I provided, now I am just waiting for those to be processed and for them to hopefully come back with a final positive answer…

I have been told two different things by different people, so I’ll have to see which scenario happens….

From some people I have been told that if Canada accepts me that Quebec should automatically.  Others have said that they have gone through the same process that I did and sent in the extra documents only to have the Quebec government come back with a refusal the first time. Causing them to have to write a letter to the government explaining in detail form that they really need the handicapped allowance and giving reasons to prove their point….  And only then did the government come back positive.

Very frustrating as I see how Juli is and they won’t meet her.

Why does the Quebec government have to be so stubborn and difficult.  It is like taking candy from a child to get them to help us….  The Canadian government is a pleasure to contact and they are very helpful. Quebec is just the opposite :(.

Now I understand why so many people I know that have special needs kids have left the province to live in Ontario.  There is so much more assistance and support there.

Right now it is’t an option for me to leave the province as my hubby Jp has a good job here.  I am not even sure that I could as I know that my own autistic ways and feelings are so set in to me….

For now, I am just going to have to wait and see what happens when Quebec does finally respond to me and see which road that takes me on.  The not knowing is the part that is hardest as I just need to know and plan things. Not knowing literally drives me nuts :(….


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