Temple Grandin.

I am learning a lot about Temple Grandin in my quest to learn more about Autism. She is an amazing lady and I recommend that anyone who is blessed to have an autistic person in their life watch that video!

It is truly amazing and she is an inspiration :).

Following Jasan...

Let me tell you… I am still on a high from meeting Temple Grandin yesterday!

Wow. On top of being in awe about seeing her in person, she also autographed my copy of  “The Autistic Brain” which was great, and I gave her the information to view this blog! Oh my goodness.  I hope she actually takes a look…

temple lecture blur

I would love to tell my story of why she means so much to me.

In the fall season of 2013, Jasan was going through a stage where tantrums were happening frequently. His speech was not as good as it is currently, and I am sure he was in a frustrated state…often. At this time I was not aware of his autism. Floating around in my head was the comment made to me by one of his early intervention therapists, “He may be on the spectrum…” but honestly, I was…

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