Cinnamon and Ginger :)


Meet Cinnamon and Ginger :).

Cinnamon is the one on the left with the one stripes.  Ginger is more Juli’s as he is the more lap liking one and Cinnamon is more mine as he is the one that prefers to run instead of being held.

We saw how much Juli loves animals. I’m sure she got her love of animals from me :).  We wanted to get her a pet so that she would always have friends and I was told an animal really can help to calm down an autistic child.

I don’t have the energy right now to be responsible for a dog and Jp didn’t want another cat.

I called a few animal professional and got advice on a good pet (other than a dog) for an autistic child and was recommended Guinea Pigs.

Let me tell you – they are SO CUTE!!!

It is awesome because they can sit in your lap and eat of out your hand :).

Here is a picture of Juli feeding Ginger :)…

2014-05-14 19.21.36

Juli is helping me with all that is involved in taking care of them :).  She is very proud to help out with them.  She especially loves when they get to have have exercise time in the bathroom.  “The Boys” love it too lol.

Cinnamon sits there and lets Juli give him pats and kisses while he eats his hay.  Ginger prefers to get his loves during lap time though.  They have very different personalities, but they love each other and us.

I’m just happy to have fur babies in my life again. I missed having fur kids a lot since I had to let go f my cats 2 years ago.

And so now I’m very happy we have Cinnamon and Ginger.  I will put some more pictures of Juli and them in another post shortly….


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