School… Plan B….

I hadn’t heard from Summit School yet and I knew that in order for Juli to get in for the 2014 Fall year I had to hear from them in May so I finally worked myself up to call them and inquiring.

I left a couple of messages and finally got a call back . The lady was very nice and helpful, but unfortunately she didn’t tell me what I was hoping to hear…

Even though they had opened up quite a number of new classes this year, they had just filled them up finally and Juli’s file is still in the waiting list.

She did tell me that Juli’s file is number two to be looked at for Fall 2015, but that means that until it comes time to start planning for that school year, which is Jan-March 2015, they won’t even look at her file.  So that means that I will have no idea till then as to whether or not she is actually accepted into the school…

This is a bit stressful and disappointing.  What am I supposed to do as I don’t want to put her in somewhere else and then end up pulling her out to put her in Summit after only a year.

I talk to the admissions assistant in quite length and tried to get some good advice.  I did find out that Juli will not get given transport to Summit if she is not currently in the Riverside School system as they are the ones responsible for busing her into Summit.

I mentioned that it frightens me a little to put her in the school system as I struggled incredibly when I was in regular school; the classes and homework were a huge challenge for me.  I don’t want her to have the same difficulties as it really lowered my self esteem what I went through struggling so much…

I want it to be easier for Juli since we have the benefit of knowing what is going on with her and why she is so delayed.

She referred me to a person at Riverside who could be of really big help to me and be able to give me the best advice possible.

I called her and talked to her for a good long time too :).

She mentioned that there are two really good programs for special needs children that focus on autistic children.  Seeds – the one that she feels might be best for Juli is full now for the fall, but they can reserve her a spot for 2015 if she feels that she fits there best.

There is also one for Autistic children who have a few more challenges and she said that based on Juli’s reports she might fit in very well there too, but they are only for 7 years old and up.

So the plan now is to meet with this lady at Riverside on Tuesday. She will get to know Juli and see where she thinks Juli will fit in best.  She is also going to inquire if they can make an exception and let her in early into either the Seeds program or the 7+ Reach program.

At this point as of now though she feels that it might be best to keep Juli at her preschool that she is attending now. Keep her there for next year and then we can enter her into the program they feel is best for her next year. This will mean that she is not getting disturbed too much and she will probably advance more in her preschool next year as she knows the teachers now and that might help her even more for what ever program they feel is best for her.

Or in the case of Summit if they review her file and have a place for her that will open up as an option too for next year.

It is a lot to think about and I’m trying not to think till Tuesday when we have the appointment.  I feel it is best to keep her in the preschool in the fall and give her the extra year to catch up. Her OT feels the same way. I just hope the school board feels the same way too….


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