Really looking forward to the meeting today…

Today, this morning at 11am, we have the meeting with the lady at the school board.

I’m really excited about this!!  It will hopefully mean putting the end to some of my questions and having more of an idea of which direction we are going in for the fall :).

The lady at the school board is going evaluate Juli and let me know which special needs program she feels that Juli is best suited for and if (which I think is the route to take) we will keep her in her preschool for one more year.

I know that she will be 5 in July, but I want to keep her in the preschool mainly because I don’t feel that intellectually she is ready for Kindergarden. All of her professionals including her teachers at the preschool agree with me.  I mean she is still playing games at the level of a 2 1/2 year old and when I present her with games at a 3+ level she is lost, struggles, gets too frustrated and can’t handle them….

I feel that keeping her back the year could be providing the opportunity for her to catch up enough that she will be a bit more ready to handle the challenges that will await her.  At least I hope so…

I know that I tend to worry a lot – about everything – but I really don’t want her to struggle like I did!

I would just like to walk away from today with some answers, a direction, and a whole lot more confidence than I have now…


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