They agree with me :)!!

This morning was a good morning :)…

We had our meeting with the school board. They agree with keeping her in the preschool one more year :)!

I’m also very relieved to find out that it will be an easy process for her to go to the English school board :).

They said the process could be very complicated, but thankfully my codes are all still in their system so it will be a very simple process to have Juli attend the English school board.

Yay, for small blessings :).

All we have to do is fill out one small form and provide her birth certificate, and voila she will be in!!

We also discussed the program that would be best for her.

They feel that a program for autistic kids as well as kids with developmental delays situated inside an elementary school would be a good fit for her.

This way after she has been in the program for a couple years their hope is that she will be able to transition into the regular part of the elementary school. She may need assistance after, but this way she will be able to hopefully be easily able to transition from the special needs program to the regular program 🙂

This is awesome :).

The lady from the school board is keeping her file open and will be arranging a visit to her preschool in the fall. She wants to be able to get a better idea of Juli’s strengths and weaknesses. So they can be prepared for her entry into the school board in 2015.

Her preschool teachers are going to be so extremely happy to have her return in the fall. We will be dropping off the completed application most probably tomorrow :).

She will be entering into the afternoon program which takes place Monday thru Thursdays.

I think this year will help her a lot :)!!


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