We have been working on this a long time :)…..

We have been working a long time on getting Juli to be able to write and spell her name.  As you can see from the picture below she is making great progress!!

Her name written on the bottom was done by her OT and Julianna copied it on top. She wrote it out all by herself :).

I was over the moon with Joy when I saw this!!

Many other times her OT has been working on this with her and Juli just didn’t have the patience or the ability to sit still long enough to get through being able to write all of the letters but this time she did, so this is major for us :).

She is even learning to spell her name out loud. She used to not be able to say past the “I”, but just this past therapy session she came out of it and proudly spelled out the whole “j-u-l-i-a-n-n-a!”

She has also been working on drawing people and putting all of the right body parts in the right places as well. This is another big accomplishment for her. She had to be coached up until now and this drawing from her last session she did the person all on her own!

WOW :)!!

She is making so much progress. Super proud Mom here!!!


2014-06-24 21.56.38


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