She’s stressed again :(….

Juli is stressed again and I’m not sure why. She had stopped “pushing” for quite a while and now she has started again.

It happens in periods.  She will do it for a while, anywhere from days to weeks, and then stop again for a while.  This period has been going on for a couple weeks now :(… Before this it had been a long time since we had seen her doing it.

I’m really not sure what is provoking her to push again. I know she is stressed about something. Her therapist says to think about what has changed in her environment – even the smallest change.  The problem is there probably have been a lot of changes…

Her and I have spent a bit more time at home since we got back from vacation. The vacation itself was a huge change.  She was away from home for a week (more to be talked about in a separate post), and when we came back she didn’t want to go anywhere for a while and needed to be home when daddy was as she missed him too much.

There is another change. She spend two whole weeks with daddy home and now he isn’t anymore.

I am seeing my psychologist and it is helping me to work on myself a bit. Therefore I am a bit calmer, so that has changed.

Many little things have changed…

Is just one of them causing her to be stressed or many of them. I know that she doesn’t have the answer. She just feels off and this is how she tries to regulate herself. The question I’m trying to figure out is what made her feel off enough that she needs to push again?

I could probably name about 20 things that have changed, I’m just not sure they are enough change to make her feel this stressed. Could be all of them happening at once.  Juli is usually pretty good at handling actual physical changes around here, so not sure that is part of it.

I’m thinking it might be more of the change in atmosphere. There have been a few positive changes in out personalities and in the atmosphere at home. Even though these are good changes they are still big ones. Maybe enough to affect her….

Going to have to keep an eye and see how long this pushing session lasts and see if I can figure out what triggered it.


One thought on “She’s stressed again :(….

  1. Sometimes we just can’t pinpoint what is bothering our little ones with autism. I always just add in a lot of sensory input, put little to no energy towards the behavior that I would like to stop and make sure to find ways (usually simple and visual) to make the schedule and any changes clear. To me, it seems like being off schedule with vacation and Daddy being home, then not home would be enough stress.


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