Juli is becoming increasingly more sensitive…

Juli is becoming increasingly more sensitive to heat, spice and cold among other things.

She used to be able to handle some spicy meals and now she winces and needs to spit it out at the littlest taste of spice.

She even tasted the few specs of pepper that were on the french fries at the restaurant tonight and didn’t feel comfortable eating them…

Same thing with it being hot. She used to be ok with things being nice and warm and now, I give her a cup of something warm where I am able to drink it very comfortably and she tells me it is hot and is fanning her mouth.

She is also preferring her bath water to be almost luke warm vs nice and warm. I made it nice and warm and I had to add a lot more cold.

I am starting to understand that many autistic people have sensory issues and I might be under sensitive to temperature. I don’t feel heat as much and need my showers to be really warm to which Jp says the water is hot, So I asked a friend of mine to test Juli’s water while she was washing her hands and even my friend confirmed that Juli felt comfortable with the water being on the cool side.

I think that I am under sensitive and that Juli may be over sensitive. This might explain her being bothered by temperature and spice.

I am curious if this will become more prominent over time and she will become more sensitive or if it will fluctuate as she didn’t always seem to be this sensitive… Can she go backwards again or will she possibly become more sensitive…?


One thought on “Juli is becoming increasingly more sensitive…

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