The piggies do help calm her…

I have been working on teaching Juli how to hold the piggies properly by herself.

She is so proud that she is learning :). I took the advice from the vet when we went in for their check ups and am using a blanket to get them out of their cage as it reduces their nerves at being taken out.

By doing this hey don’t squirm and they are easier to catch and take out. Then she gets to hold them as they can move as much as climb out of her lap :). Also help because if she squeezes a bit hard the blanket is there to cushion it so she won’t hurt them :).

I still take them out but she watches to learn and once they are out she gets to home them on her own. She will get to take them out soon, or at least we”ll attempt it soon and see how she does.

2014-08-10 16.25.31 2014-08-10 16.26.04 2014-08-10 16.28.32 2014-08-10 16.28.47

By holding them it helps to encourage her to sit still and relax for a few minutes. It gets her concentrating on them and focusing on taking care of them. When she does this she is giving her body a chance to stop and calm down. These little guys do help her to de-stress and that is a good thing.

Today she held GInger for about 15-20 minutes. I am so proud of her!!

It’s the first step and she did great :).


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