An improvement…

I’m quite impressed and relieved :).

One of Juli’s many issues is having difficulty letting us go when we have to go out without her. It usually ends up with us walking out the door with our hearts breaking while she is crying and begging us not to go.

Well, the last couple times she has thoroughly surprised me.

Today I had a friend of mine stop by for a few minutes as she was close by and wanted to say Hi.  I had to go run a quick errand so she offered to stay with Juli for the 10 minutes that I would be gone. I was a bit nervous as I know how Juli is, so I told my friend that I would only go if Juli was ok with me leaving as my friend has not seen her in a while and is not familiar with Juli’s quirks.

So I proceeded to tell Juli that I had to go out for a few minutes and she could either come with me or stay her with K and I would be back in a little bit.

I was expecting her to choose to come and she completely surprised me. She said she wanted to stay.

I thought “ok, she’ll probably change her mind when I go to leave”…

So I got ready to go and when I told her I was leaving I figured she would change her mind.

She didn’t.

My friend was also surprised that Juli seemed ok. I told her that Juli is choosing to stay so I would be back soon as proceeded to open the door.

Juli actually waved by to me and went to relax on the couch. I was both stunned and thrilled :).

This is real progress!!

The last time Jp and I went out she was also similar which we gladly accepted and ran out the door thrilled, before Juli could change her mind lol.

She actually closed the door behind us after we were out of the building :).

Talk about amazing!!  I am so proud of her.

I really hope this is the beginning of a new trend for her.  I really hope she is finally understanding that Mommy and Daddy may go out, but we always come back.

As Daniel Tiger’s sings “Grown ups come back :)”


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