PJ Party!

An organization near where we used to live holds PJ parties for kids 1-2 times per month.

It is great for parents as they get to drop their kids off for 4 hours, pay $20, and go do what they need to do knowing that their child is being well fed and well taken care of.

This organization, EP, provides pizza, popcorn, a movie and tons of activities including indoor slides.  All of this takes place inside their center so you don’t have to worry about the kids while they are there.

I slowed down on taking Juli there after we moved as the distance was long and she often had issues with the separation.

But after having her bday party at their center, Juli told me that she missed going to the PJ parties.  So I told her that next time they had one I would bring her.

Well that time is tomorrow :).

I asked her tonight if she wanted to go.  Figuring that with the choice to go or not, knowing that I will not stay with her, I thought she would choose not to go as she had many times in the past…

Well, she’s continues to surprise me :)!

She chose to go. She said she really wants to go and even described to me some of things she does while she is there lol.  It was really cute.

I was happy to see that she was excited to go even knowing that I am not going to be staying with her. I drop her off at 5:30pm and be back to pick her up at 9:30pm.

That is the best part as she is super excited to see me and tell me everything that she did.

I will confirm her attendance and I am curious to see if she is still as much excitement as it gets closer to the time for her to go.

I am starting to get really hopeful that her being ok with my going out or her going somewhere may just continue to be a normal thing…  Has she finally surpassed this difficulty that she has had for the longest time……?


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