The night went pretty well…

Her PJ party went pretty well. Better than I expected. Yay 🙂

She did sleep in the van on the way in so she was very drowsy when we got there. Usually when she sleeps in the car it takes her quite some time to adjust. And this room can be a bit over whelming for an autistic child. Lots of kids laughing a making noise as well as running around everywhere.

So I expected her to be kind of glued to me and not want to go in like she often did. She was a bit shy but she did surprisingly well.  I passed her from my arms to the arms of the lady that runs the evening and Juli went very willingly into her arms :).

After that it was just a matter of her climbing down and venturing out to play. This was much simpler from the coordinators arms instead of my own.

Once Juli decided she was ok to go play then it was just a matter of saying good-bye and getting a hug :). I was pleased that she did both.

I was quite impressed at how well it went and I got the usual “run at me at the speed of light and topple me over” greeting when I got there :).

The good trend is continuing :). Maybe I can expect more of this :)?

I am so not complaining, and I will definitely consider making the trip out more often if she is going to be handling the good-bye’s better as well as having a lot of fun :).


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