For the last few years a part of my life has felt incomplete and now I am happy to say that is no more.  I really missed having a cat since my Teddy and Mittens passed away and I realize now the calming and wonderful affect that a cat has on me.

Ever since Juli’s diagnosis happened in December I have been determined to bring a cat into our home. Our landlord had said no pets when we moved in and I was really scared to discuss it with him even though most of the other tenants in the building have cats and a dog.  This was a major upset for me.

I knew Juli needed a pet and so I got her the piggies as I got much advice that they are loving animals and good for kids.  They are wonderful little guys :).  They are so adorable and I do love them dearly.

But they do sense Juli’s and My anxiety and are not comfortable with it.

I really wanted to have a cat again as I really missed getting as much love back as I had to give. And I know that Juli has an abundance of love to give as well :).

So I finally bit the bullet and sent my landlord an email explaining how good it would be for Juli to have a cat and how much it would help her. Also mentioning that most other tenants in the building have cats as well.

I waited for his response preparing to have a major discussion on my hands.

But he truly surprised me. He called me and we talked about it and he said he knew how important it would be for her and how good a cat is for a child with autism. I was practically in tears. He hung up the phone and I had his blessing to welcome a cat into our home.

I was balling. Couldn’t stop. I was so happy!

I went on the search for the right cat for Juli and a couple weeks later we are bringing Bella home :). She is 1yr 5mnths old.

2014-08-26 18.41.08

Bella is such an awesome cat!!

We are so blessed to have her.

She is so patient with Juli :).  Juli will try and hug her and won’t let go for quite a while and Bella just sits there and puts up with it. Eventually she untangles herself from Juli, but not once has she been mean to Juli. She gives Juli appropriate warnings that she has had enough and Juli is learning to understand them.

Juli has slept next to Bella with her arms around her for 20 minutes at a time :).

It’s a beautiful thing.

I am so happy we have Bella. Juli loves her and so do I. She is an amazing girl.  And she has learned how to be good around the piggies too :).

So happy to have a feline furbaby in my life again!!



2 thoughts on “Bella…

  1. so glad you were able to finally get her a nice cat! This is supposed to be amazing for children with autism and other disabilities 🙂 and for any child really no matter their circumstance ♥


  2. This totally made me tear up. I had two cats in my little apartment, and when I was moving, I made the tough decision to give one of my cats away. I found a mom who had a little autistic girl that was in need of a patient, loving cat. It helped me so much knowing he was going to such a great home.


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